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Kratos 10m wire rope fall arrest block with winch fa 20 401 10

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Kratos 10m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block with Winch - FA 20 401 10

Kratos 10m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block with Winch - FA 20 401 10

Many Kratos-brand fall arresters are supplied by Lifting Gear Direct, including this fall arrest block with a 10 metre length and an integrated retrieval system for added effectiveness in real world situations.
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Fall Arrest Block with Integrated Retrieval System – 10MRTS

The body of this fall arrester is made from a super-strong polymer, with a built-in winch mechanism meaning that if a fall does occur, the user can be retrieved with relative ease. 

The wire rope which provides 10 metres of travel is 4.5mm in diameter and is made from galvanised steel which will allow it to resist corrosion, even if there is moisture present in the environment. 

An integrated braking mechanism means that when a fall occurs, the block will automatically apply resistance, bringing the user to a halt and exerting no more than 6kN of force upon them in the process. 

All of this adds up to make it an effective, convenient and comfortable fall arrester for various at-height working situations. 

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A fall arrest block with integrated retrieval system like this is only effective it is combined with the correct height safety equipment. 

Pair it with a harness, lanyard and the right connectors to ensure that it is able to work as intended in the field.

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Dimensions of the FA 20 401 10 Fall Arrest Block

 Kratos 10m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block with Winch