Kratos steel triple action locking karabiner fa 50 301 23

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Kratos Steel Triple Action Locking Karabiner FA 50 301 23

Kratos Steel Triple Action Locking Karabiner FA 50 301 23

Triple Action Locking Karabiner in steel
  • Gate opening of 23mm
  • Minimum breaking strength = 23kN
  • Aluminium alloy material
  • Conforms to EN 362:2004 class B & ANSI Z 359.1 class B.
  • Brand:: KRATOS
  • Product Code: Kratos FA 50 301 23
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £13.30

  • (£15.96 Inc. VAT)

Steel Triple Action Locking Karabiner

For added safety, reliability and peace of mind, this steel triple action locking karabiner is a welcome addition to any harness kit, lanyard or other relevant assembly. Made by Kratos, it is one of many height safety components that we supply here at Lifting Gear Direct

Main advantages to consider

Karabiners are used to attach different parts of a height safety setup together, including the aforementioned harness and lanyard configuration as well as fall arresters and anchorage elements. 

This particular product is produced using strong, stable steel. The gate through which attachable components can pass measures 22 millimetres across and of course this is protected by a triple action locking mechanism that prevents unwanted opening from occurring. 

The mechanism combines three different factors for security and reliability, including a barbed clip that should be almost impossible to open by accident. In short it gives you that extra peace of mind that lesser karabiners might not provide. 

Similar products on offer

We stock a huge variety of height safety gear as well as things like wire rope products, lifting equipment and a lot of other compelling products that can help with lifting, load-bearing, working at height and everything in between. 

How to ask for help

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Kratos Steel Triple Action Locking Karabiner FA 50 301 23