Atex retractable tool balancers

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ATEX Retractable Tool Balancers

ATEX Retractable Tool Balancers

With an ATEX rating these tool balancers are suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous working environments. There are 4 model choices ranging from 0.2kg up to 14kg and 2000mm or 2500mm stroke lengths.

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About the ATEX Retractable Tool Balancers

When working with tools and handling loads in in hazardous environments, especially when there is the potential for explosions ATEX rated equipment should be used. ATEX ratings vary and must be selected according to your specific environment.

Here are the ATEX ratings for this collection of retractor spring balancers which are all clearly marked on each model;

Models 9310AX-9322AX have ATEX approval type Ex II 2 Gc T6

Model 9323AX has ATEX approval type Ex II 2G Ex h IIB T6 Gb

Models 9336LAX, 9336AX, 9346LAX & 9346AX have ATEX approval type II 2G Ex h IIC T6 Gb

Models 9377AX-9339AX & 9347AX-9349AX have ATEX approval type II 2G Ex h IIB T6 Gb

Models 9340AX & 9350AX have ATEX approval type II 2G Ex h IIA T6 Gb

The handling capacities also vary across the models;

Models 9310-13AX have a 0.2- 3kg capacity range with a 1600mm stroke length.

Models 9320-23AX have a 1.0 – 8.0kg capacity range with a 2000mm stroke length.

Models 9346-50AX have a 0.5 – 14kg capacity range with a 2500mm stroke length, this model range also has a stop function choice.

Key Features or the ATEX Retractor Tool Balancers

All models are rugged in construction having a cast aluminium body. They include a quality stainless steel cable ending with a polyamide thimble and snap lock connector.

The capacity of each model can be adjusted within its range to suit the weight of each tool/load that is attached, thus enabling the ideal balance for smooth operation.

All models have a stroke limiting mechanism however models 9346 to 9350ax also incorporate a stop function to allow the stroke to be stopped at a chosen point.

There is an anti-friction guide and self lubricating bushes for the cable to run and wind smoothly.

Finally these models have a safety mechanism which will prevent the load from falling should the spring fail.

Other Spring Balancer Options

Spring balancers or tool balancers come in a variety of designs. You will find the standard variety of retractor tool balancers, like the above but without the ATEX rating. Lifting Gear Direct also supply a range of zero gravity tool balancers for more precision and unlimited stop positions without adjustment.

Electric hoists with a tool handling device fitted is another option; we have this type of tool handling device from Demag, Kito and Gis brands. There are also some air powered hoist of similar nature should these suit your needs better.

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