Chain Blocks and their endless uses

Chain blocks and their endless uses

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Chain Blocks and their endless uses

Chain Blocks and their endless uses
5 April, 2023

A chain block is a commonly used lifting device across many industries. Over the years it has gained a number of titles and may be referred to as a manual chain hoist or block and tackle, they are the same thing although sometimes the term block & tackle can also refer to a pulley block.

Why are Chain Blocks so Popular?

Chain blocks are so popular because they can be used to lift extremely heavy loads without the need for any type of power supply. Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply high quality chain blocks with safe working load limits up to a whopping 50000kg or 50 tonnes. All that is needed is a suitable attachment point where you can hang the hoist from. This may be a beam trolley or clamp that is attached to the beam on a gantry crane or else it could simply be a hook fitted to a solid structure. Whatever or wherever you anchor the chain block you must make sure that it can handle the weight of the hoist and load combined.

Another reason that chain blocks are popular is due to the fact that they are quite a simple device using chain and gears a little like a pulley system. By simply pulling the hand chain downwards will progress the load chain over the load sprocket and subsequently raise the load. All chain blocks will have a breaking system which holds the load steady when the chain is released.

A further advantage of a chain block is their ease of maintenance thanks in large to their simplicity. Daily checks to find any potential problems are important; you should check for hook and chain issues such as bends, distortions, elongations or obvious damage. It is also wise to do a test lift prior to use to ensure the chain block is running smoothly and the brake is working correctly. If in doubt, do not use it, instead you should get a specialist to check it over with a thorough inspection and perform repairs if necessary. Lifting Gear Direct have qualified engineers for these tasks.

The Endless Uses of a Manual Chain Block

So where is this equipment typically used and what for?

The list is quite probably endless due to the versatile nature of a chain block. Whilst chain blocks are for use for straight, in-line lifting tasks with a downward pull on the hand chain there are some models that can be operated from other angles, even above like the Yale 360 chain block which can offer distinct advantages over standard models.

chain block on portable gantry in graveyard

Many models, especially the smaller capacity ones can be carried in your tool bag, mid range capacities can be carried by hand, whilst the largest models may require a couple of handlers.

The tool bag chain blocks such as the Yale mini 360 or the Kito CX are extremely popular for those who work out on site or in the field in remote locations. These are great for fitting to a tripod system or portable lifting gantry when on location, as an example graveyard headstones are often lifted and lowered using this method. Objects can also be lifted from below ground level with this system.

Small, mid range and large capacity blocks are used by engineers, utility companies, gas and mining, shipping and dockyards, warehouses, production factories, garages, construction and the food industry, not to mention the home diy'er!

Why Use a Chain Block?

If you need to lift heavy loads without the need for a power supply then a chain block would be an ideal solution. They are quick and easy to set up and use straight from the box and come in a vast choice of safe working load lifting capacities, lifting heights (chain length) and manufacturers. Bigger brand names include Yale, Kito and Tiger but you also have a choice of lesser known brands like GT or Hacketts Lifting Gear Direct even have their own model the LGD chain block.

Because then need to comply with a wide range of industry standards and requirements like LOLER they are all safe to use so the choice is up to you.

Cost will probably play a part in your choice so you will need to weigh up the initial outlay against how the block will be used and the frequency. Productivity can often be greatly increased by using the right chain block.

Some models will have slightly different features but the majority are much the same so check out all specifications before purchase and ask pertinent questions should you need any clarification. Lifting Gear Direct are always happy to help.