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 Drum Truck Pallet Loader Raptor PL350t1

Drum Truck Pallet Loader Raptor PL350t1

The PL350T1 drum truck offers a simple solution for loading drums on and off pallets. Manufactured from welded steel with a powder coated finish, this is a robust, easy to use truck. The PL350 series is just one from our wide range of drum trucks.
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 About the Drum Truck Pallet Loader PL350

There are two versions of the PT350 drum truck, the T1 and the T3. The PL350T1 incorporates an adjustable clamp which locks over the rim of steel drums; the clamp can be adjusted to suit different sizes of steel drums.

The PL350T3 has a slightly different clamping mechanism which is designed to accommodate plastic drums and fibreboard drums. The clamp is like the T1 model with the addition of a hinged arm which can be folded over the top of a plastic or fibre drum and locked under the opposite top rim to give additional grip and support.

To attach the drum you just push the truck up to the drum and slide the two small flat steel forks/protrusions underneath; attach the grabs to the top of the drum and tilt the truck backwards.

This drum truck possesses 4 wheels, two larger ones at the front and two smaller rear wheels which enable easier tilting or the drum. Thanks to the angle of the truck framework all 4 wheels will remain in contact with the ground whilst transporting for good stability whilst the drum remains in the tilted position.

Other Drum Handling Methods

If you browse through our drum handling category, you will see that there are numerous types of equipment available which handle different types of drums in different ways. Other than the wide array of drum truckswe have a great selection of tongs and grabs for under slung drum lifting from a crane or hoist perhaps. Our collection of fork lift truck drum handling attachments are becoming more and more popular as they enhance the use of your forklift.

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Model Capacity (Kgs) To Suit Drum Drum Size Weight
PL350T1 300 Steel 210 Litre 29 Kgs

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