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Dynafor expert load cell

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Dynafor Expert Load Cell

Dynafor Expert Load Cell

 The Dynafor Expert load cell indicator is the updated version of the old LLX2. It has a new electronics system and boasts extreme accuracy. Available in working load limits from 500kg up to 10 tonne.

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About the Dynafor Expert Load Call

The Dynafor Expert load cell dynamometer is perfect for use where the highest precision is required, this is thanks to its accuracy of 0.1%.

The wireless technology makes reading the data pretty simple. If you have a smart device, then with the free app for Android or IOS users the load and force measurements are sent direct to your device. The maximum open field range for Bluetooth use is 30 meters.

If you need a longer range then you will need to go onto the 2.4 GHz radio frequency (RF) which can span up to 400 meters (open field).

When using the RF function you will need an additional device where you can read the load and force measurements from as they are sent from the load cell. There are a couple of options with the Dynafor hand held HDD reader being the most commonly used which can handle up to 4 sensors. There is also a larger display model if required.

The expert load link dynamometer has multiple configuration possibilities having several sensors. Advanced functionality can be obtained, for example, recording the data, threshold management and more. What's more there is the option of a PC connection via a USB port to enable further scrutiny and organization of the extensive data. Further monitoring software enables the data collected to be displayed, recorded and analysed live for up to 8 hours.

When you order the Dynafor expert pro load cell you will receive a case containing the load cell indicator, batteries, manual, adjustment certificate and an EC declaration of conformity. Upon request a calibration certificate can also be supplied for proof of conformity to ISO 376. This is valid for 2 years, after which it will need to be renewed by having the load cell re-calibrated.

Loads can be connected to the load cell indicator using a bow shackle and/or clevis hook. 3 x AA batteries are supplied for power to the load cell.

If you would like more in depth information on the Dynafor Expert load cell from Tractel then take a look at the specification tab above for technical details and also the downloads tab for manuals and other information.

Dynafor Expert load cell parts

Dynafor HDD display

This hand held display unit works with the Pro and Expert load cell models to allow easy reading of all the necessary data. Gross and net tare readings and peak hold mode are just a few features enabled on this display. Measurements in daN, lbs & kg can be viewed.

RF signals are used to send data from the load cell sensors/transmitters and can handle up to 4 load cells at a time. If you would like to find out all the details of the HDD display then check the documentation tab above to download the full description and user manual.

Other Load Weighing Devices

Aside from load cells / dynamometer's another option you may want to consider is a crane scale / crane weigher. These provide similar information to a load cell but incorporate their own shackle and swivel hook for loading quickly to a crane or hoist, and some have remote control options. Knowing he weight of your load is immensely important for safety and load stability. It is your responsibility to ensure a lifting operation is configured in the correct manner to assure all safety precautions are met. Load measuring equipment can help greatly with organizing safe lifting operations.

Model Expert 0.5t Expert 1t Expert 2t Expert 3.2t Expert 5t Expert 6.3t Expert 10t
293299 293309 293319 293329 293339 293349 293359
Max. capacity WLL t 0,5 1 2 3,2 5 6,3 10
Test load t 0,75 1,5 3 4,8 7,5 9,6 15
Charge Minimum
10% de CMU
Safety coefficient
Minimum 4
Precision % 0,1% at 21°C full scale (IP 67 = 0,2%)

kg 0.5 1,5 2 3.2 5 6.3 10
Resolution kg 0.1 0.2 0.5 0.5 1 1 2
Max. display
110% of WLL
Conversion factor
1kg = 0.98083 daN + 2,20462 lbs
From 300 to 1000h depending on usage
3 x AA
Weight kg 2,3 3,35 6,45
RF technology
2.4 GHz proprietary, range up to 400m (open field)
Bluetooth technology
BLE 4.0 range up to 30m (open field)
Operating temperature
-20°C to +50°C
Sample rate
4 Hz, up to 32 Hz in peak hold
IP protection
IP 64 (IP 67 in option)
Sensor Head Material

Sensor Body Material
Aluminium Steel
dynafor expert load cell dimensions