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Dynafor pro load cell

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Dynafor Pro Load Cell

Dynafor Pro Load Cell

Here is the latest Dynafor Pro load cell dynamometer which uses wireless digital technology for ease of use. There are a great number of models available with working load limits up to 250 Ton.

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About the Dynafor Pro Load Cell

The Dynafor pro load cell with precision force sensors can be used in a wide range of applications for measuring load weights and force measurements. They are commonly used for overhead weighing, force measurement testing, towing tasks, heavy lifts, water bag load testing and more. These measurements are often essential for operating a safe and stable lift.

The Pro load cell is powered by just 3 x AA batteries and the readings give a 0.2% accuracy of full scale. It has IP 65 protection so will be protected from water ingress and therefore suitable for outdoor use.

Load Cell Pro Wireless Capabilities

The wireless functionality of this dynamometer uses a strain gauge extension measuring principle. There is a sensor responsible for generating the signal that is consequently analysed by the micro-processor. The processor is built into the load cell and will transmit the data to a wireless accessory (available seperately) for reading and interpreting the measurements by the user.

Radio RF (2.4GHz) or bluetooth signals (BLE chipsets) can be used and the choice may depend on the location where it will be used. If the RF signal is used there is a 400 meter range (in open field) and the data will be displayed on an external display accessory. Where as the Bluetooth function has a 30 meter range and can be used with a smart device with the downloadable Dynafor app (IOS or Android).

We recommend the Dynafor HDD hand held display unit for the radio frequency mode which incorporates many additional display functions for up to 4 load cells, you can find out more on the separate product page of the Dynafor HDD display unit. Software is also available to download data to a computer if required.

For models up to 50t the Pro load cell comes in a case complete with batteries, manuals, declaration of conformity and adjustment certificate. Models over 100t come in a wooden box.

Bow shackles or swivel hooks are the recommended connectors for the Dynafor Pro dynamometer, either of which we can supply on request.

Dynafor HDD Wireless Display

The Dynafor HDD wireless display is a multi function, hand held digital screen for reading measurements from the Dynafor Pro load cell or the Dynafor Expert load cell.

The HDD hand held device uses a radio frequency to transmit data. It uses a 2.4 GHz RF frequency to enable a wireless connection to the load cell. The display can be utilised with up to 4 load cell sensors at a time. All the usual measurements can be seen such as tare, peak, lbs, kg daN and more, see the documentation tab where you can view the full details.

Other load Calculation equipment

There is a range of different types of load calculation equipment available at Lifting Gear Direct with other Dynafor options like the industrial and expert models, as well as load cells from Straightpoint and Yale. Other options for weighing loads include crane scales which incorporate a load link shackle and swivel hook, an integrated display and some have remote controls too so compare all the models we have to offer to ensure you pick the best load calculation tool for your application. Get in touch if you need any help.

Dynafor pro load cell parts

Model Pro 1t Pro 3,2t Pro 6,5t Pro 15t Pro 25t Pro50t Pro 100t Pro 250t
293369 293379 293389 293399 293409 293419 293429 293439
Max. capacity WLL t 1 3,2 6,5 15 25 50 100 200
Minimum load
10% of WLL
Test load t ,15 4,8 9,75 22,5 37,5 75 150 250
Safety coefficient
Minimum 4
Precision % 0,2% at 21° C full scale

kg 2 6,4 13 30 50 100 200 500
Resolution kg 0,2 0,5 1 5 10 20 50 100
Max. display
110% of WLL
Conversion factor
1 kg = 0,98083 daN = 2,20462 lbs
From 300 to 1000h depending on usage
3 x AA
Weight kg 0,70 0,86 1,60 3,66 5,33 11,45 27,48 97,98
RF technology
2,4 GHz proprietary, range up to 400m in open field
Bluetooth technology
BLE 4.0 range up to 30m in open field
Operating temperature
-20°C to +50°C
Sample rate
4Hz, up to 32 Hz in “Peak hold mode”
IP protection
IP 65 (IP 67 in option)
Sensor material
Aluminium HR Aluminium