Engine hoist a must have for vehicle rebuilds

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Engine Hoist - A must-have for vehicle rebuilds

Engine Hoist - A must-have for vehicle rebuilds
20 September, 2022

Engine Hoist - A must-have for vehicle rebuilds 

Vehicles are an expensive overhead, especially when things go wrong. Restoring parts or full engine replacement can be a more affordable solution. However, this is not something that must be attempted by a beginner with no knowledge or previous experience by themselves. The correct tools and equipment are essential before attempting any repair. An engine hoist or floor crane is the ideal lifting companion for garages and workshops.

Engine Hoist 

First and foremost, the piece of equipment that any engine replacement needs is an engine hoist, an engine won't be stripped or repaired if you can't remove it from the car. Engines are extremely heavy pieces of equipment and are awkward to remove from any vehicle. Attempting this by hand is nigh on impossible and could result in strain on the body, causing injury.  Engine hoists offer portability and provide access to the engine from all angles making any engine removal effortless to enable you to begin your task at hand. This category of hoists offers multiple lifting positions, a 360-degree swivel hook and can be purchased in different weight versions starting from 500kg up to 2000kg. It is an essential piece of equipment that once purchased will last for many years, offering stability and strength. The lockable wheeled base means engine hoists can be moved around without lifting them manually and stored away neatly when partly dissembled. There are also related items you can purchase which are similar to an engine hoist but have quite different specifications. A folding floor crane for example.

Folding Floor Crane 

Folding floor cranes work in the same way an engine hoist would, with its hydraulic ram and heavy lifting capabilities, however, these are more suited to compact working areas, the adjustable arm means you can set the reach to even the smallest of spaces lifting the engine at ease. The folding floor crane is a superb piece of equipment when storage may be an issue, the arms and legs fold upright towards the frame, making it one tall unit that can be stored in any compact area.  

Engine Hoist and floor cranes are available in multiple set sizes, Lifting Gear Direct manufactures a vast range of lifting equipment and are happy to help with any queries you have before you purchase.