Yellow Pin Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt

Yellow Pin Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt

BS Small Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt (type E)

BS Small Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt (type E)

Green Pin Bow Shackle

These quality shackles are of the green pin variety and meet the current standards EN 13889 and the performance requirements of US Fed Spec (rr-c-271; type IVA class 2, grade A) so you can be assured of excellent quality in this and all our green pin shackles.

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green pin bow shackle

Basics of Green Pin Bow Shackles

This is a standard green pin shackle with a typical screw collar pin. Ideal for temporary joining/anchoring tasks; they are quick and easy to use and though are initially tightened by hand, thee screw pin should be further tightened with a wrench or other suitable tool to ensure it is tightened to its maximum. This will help to prevent the pin from coming loose whilst in use, which should only occur if there is a lot of vibrations or through the lifting equipment or friction directly on the screw pin.

If you are in need of equipment to combine with any of the shackle models we sell, there are plenty of high quality products on our site. This includes manual chain blocks from GT and gantry hoists from IMER. With competitive prices and so much choice, LGD is the top place to shop for all types of gear.

Durable Production Features

Because these green pin bow shackles are made from high tensile steel to grade 6 and have been quenched and tempered, along with the hot dipped galvanised finish they can be used in a vast range of temperatures – from at least minus 20 degrees right up to plus 200 degrees Celsius.

Taking into account the quality of the material used in the lifting equipment you buy is obviously relevant both from a safety standpoint and when it comes to cost-effectiveness. You want to make sure that the shackles you select are up to the task of taking the intended load in whatever environment they encounter. This is certainly the case with the green pin bow shackles we stock.

This range of green pin bow shackles with a screw pin have a 6:1 safety ratio where the minimum breaking load = 6 x the WLL (working load limit) and are available with top WLL’s of 55 tonne.

Making a Shackle Choice

Please refer to the technical data to determine the correct dimensions of the shackle to suit your requirements.

If you know that you need a different type of shackle for the lifting task you have in mind, browse our full line up and check out what is on offer. We stock dee shackles of different designs, specialist shackles that are suited to a particular use, as well as stainless steel shackles that are resistant to the kinds of corrosion that are common in many commercial settings.

Questions, Queries and Quotes

No matter your knowledge of or experience with shackles, Lifting Gear Direct can help you find the perfect products for your needs. Just call 01384 76961 or drop us an email and we can provide full details, pricing and general advice as and when you need it.

green pin bow shackle dimensions

WLLBow DiaPin DiaEye DiaWidth EyeWidth InsideLength InsideWidth BowLengthWidth BowWeight Each
tonsa mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmg mmh mmj mmkg
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