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Yale cpvf 10 4 electric hoist

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Yale CPV/F 10-4 Electric Hoist

Yale CPV/F 10-4 Electric Hoist

This twin speed electric chain hoist from respected brand Yale is packed with convenient features and built to stand the test of time, with components that will survive the stresses and strains of regular use in a variety of lifting operations and contexts.
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Main benefits of the Yale CPV/F 10-4 Electric Hoist

This hoist has two distinct lifting speeds, with the option to operate it at either 4 metres per minute or slow it down significantly to just 1 metre per minute. The latter option allows users to move loads far more precisely, which is a real boon in certain settings.

The capacity for this model sits at 1000kg and it has two chainfalls, creating a lifting solution that you can rely on time after time.

Designed to be tough and practical, this Yale hoist has a water and dust resistant motor housing and control pendant case. Industrial environments should pose no problem for it as a result of its IP certification, countering the ingress of liquids and foreign materials during use.

Rival products

The market for hoists and hoisting equipment is competitive, so you may find that the CPV/F 10-4 is not perfectly suited to your needs. In that case you could consider alternatives from brands like Donati and Kito, with similar build quality and different functions to this Yale model.

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Model CPVF 10-4
A, mm 327
A1, mm 163
A2 (Size I), mm 413
A2 (Size II), mm  
A2 (Size III), mm  
A2 (Size IV), mm  
B, mm 23
B1, mm 12
C, mm 30
C1, mm 30
C2, mm 105
D, mm 16
D1, mm  12
E, mm  205
G, mm  102
G1 (Size I), mm 124
G1 (Size II), mm  
G1 (Size III), mm  
G1 (Size IV), mm   
H, mm 99
H2, mm 92
K (CPV), mm  
K (CPVF), mm 215
M (Size I), mm  157
M (Size II), mm  
M (Size III), mm   
M (Size IV),mm   
N?, mm  159
Model Capacity in kg/number of chain falls Chain dimensions d x p (mm) Classification FEM/ISO Lifting speed main lift m/min Lifting speed fine lift m/min Hoist Motor (kW) Motor Rating ED% Weight suspension lug (KG)
CPV/F 10-4 1000/2 5 x 15.1  1Am/M4 4 1 0.75/0.18 33/17 29