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High capacity crane scale

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 High Capacity Crane Scale OCS-Z

High Capacity Crane Scale OCS-Z

The OCS-Z a range of high capacity crane scales for weighing heavy loads whilst suspended. 10000Kg and 20000kg options are available from Lifting Gear Direct.

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Key Elements of the OCS-Z high capacity crane scale

Incorporating a 6v/ah battery which can be recharged the OCS-Z crane scale can be operated continuously for 120+ hours on a single full charge. This means that it can be left in position and used for weighing many different loads within this time frame. What's more, this scale has an automatic power off system so when it is not used for a certain period it will shut down to conserve battery power.

There are two heavy duty models in this range, the OCS-Z 10000kg and the OCS-Z 20000kg which enables very heavy loads to be weighed. They have 5kg and 10kg graduations respectively. An overload alarm system is in place to ensure the maximum permitted safe working load is not exceeded.

The main features which can be read from the large, bright LCD display screen are Tare, hold and zero functions all of which can be toggled through using the remote control.

The infra-red remote controller enables the crane scale to be operated from a good distance meaning the user can stay out of harms way whilst still being able to read the display to ascertain the weight of the load.

For attachment to a crane hook there is a large fixed stainless steel shackle to the top. For load attachment there is an alloy steel hook with a safety latch for extra load security. The steel housing ensures ultimate protection to the inner mechanics of the scales.

OCS-Z Crane Scales At a Glance

  • Dimensions; 955mm high x 400mm wide
  • Weight; 70kg
  • Infra-red type remote controller
  • overload alarm
  • Automatic power off system
  • stainless top shackle (fixed)
  • Alloy steel safety load hook
  • Steel housing
  • Large,bright LED type display
  • Functions; zero, tare, hold
  • Long lift rechargeable battery
  • 120+ hours uninterrupted use.

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Lifting Gear Direct can supply crane scales from the vast collection to suit a wide range of scenarios. From smaller loads to super heavy loads and everything in-between. We also have a great range of tension load cells which can help to calculate a range of measurements including the forces applied by the load.

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