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OCS-X Crane Scale

OCS-X Crane Scale

1000kg, 3000kg & 5000kg capacities are available in the OCS-X crane scale model range at Lifting Gear Direct. Light, portable and easy to operate.

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About the OCS-X Crane Scale

This crane scale range comes complete with remote control which uses infra-red technology. Because of this feature the scale can be left in place on the crane for example, then the remote controller can be used to toggle through the readings shown on the large display. A further advantage to this is that it can be operated from a distance, completely out of harms way.

The OCS-X crane scale can be calibrated easily following the routine set out in the manual. This will ensure the weight readout is as accurate as possible. The accuracy graduations are 0.5kg for the 1000kg SWL model; 1 kg for the 3000kg SWL model and 2kg for the 5000kg SWL model.

Zero, tare and hold functions are available as well as an overload alarm to provide extra reassurance.

This load weigher incorporates a power off function which helps to conserve its battery life. The on-board 6V/ah battery is re-chargeable and when used continuously it will give you around 120 hours of use.

The OCS X scale is attached to the anchor point via a fixed shackle. At the bottom end of the scale there is a pivotal hook with a safety catch for load attachment.

The OCS-X Crane Scale at a Glance

  • Infra red remote controlled
  • 14kg in weight
  • 120 hour life rechargeable battery
  • 1000, 3000 & 5000kg capacities
  • Graduations; 0.5, 1 & 2kg
  • Hold, Zero, Tare functions
  • Automatic power off when not in use
  • Overload audible alarm system
  • Dimensions; 215mm wide x 190mm deep x 580mm high
  • Top fixed shackle, bottom safety hook
  • Aluminium casing.

More Crane Scale Options

Crane scales provide an easy way of correctly determining the weight of your load. This is essential for protecting you, your equipment and the load. Lifting Gear Direct have numerous crane scale models to choose from including more from the OCS collection.

Should you require additional load and force calculations then a load cell should do the trick as these measure weights and forces applied by the load in units such as, daN, kg, lbs, tonne, KN as well as tare functions. There will be variations between each model so check out the specifications carefully.