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Ocsl crane scale

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OCS-L Crane Scale

OCS-L Crane Scale

The OCS-L crane scale is a mini load weighing device for suspension weighing and is available in 4 capacities; 30kg, 50kg, 150kg & 300kg. This compare crane weighing scale boasts numerous features, read on below to find out more.

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About the OCS-L Crane Scale

This mini crane scale is compact and east to store and carry around, with the length measuring just 290mm. Powered with just 3 x AA batteries for 120 hours of continuous use the OCSL crane scale is perfect for use in factories and warehouses, markets, load weighing for train and plane transportation and many more.

This lightweight device is made from die-cast aluminium and has a 20cm LCD display screen which makes the highly accurate measurements easy to read, even in bad light thanks to the backlight.

The OCS-L Crane Scale Features at a Glance

  • Model Capacities: 30kg, 50kg ,150kg & 300kg
  • Graduations: 0.01kg, 0.02kg, 0.05kg & 0.1kg
  • Stainless steel top shackle and bottom 'S' hook
  • Overload alarm
  • Automatic power off
  • Tare, hold and zero functions in kg units
  • 20cm backlit LCD display
  • Overall dimensions: 55mm x 80mm x 290mm
  • Weight = 0.7kg
  • Powered with 3 x AA replaceable batteries
  • 120 hours running time

It is important to remember that when using the Tare function the apparent overloading range will reduce due to the face that the tare has zeroed the weight of the attached container.

For example your crane scale has a capacity of 30kg, and a container attached weighs 5kg then the tare function used the new overload weight will reduce by 5kg to 25kg. You can find out more about this and other functions of the OCS-L crane scale in the downloadable manual in the tab above.

Similar Load Weighing Equipment

Load weighing is an important part of everyday operations in many industries. If you don't know the weight of the load your lifting equipment may not be able to handle it safely and therefore may fail putting personnel at risk of accidents and injuries.

It is not always possible to use a standard type of scale where the load is placed on top and therefore crane scales and load cells are used for suspension weighing. Lifting Gear Direct have a great load and force calculation range to include crane scales for load weighing and tension load cells, for weight and also calculating the forces imposed by a load.  

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