Lifting Product Equipment For Construction Sites

Lifting equipment for construction sites

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Lifting Product Equipment For Construction Sites

Lifting Product Equipment For Construction Sites
16 March, 2023

Working in the construction industry involves handling many different types of materials which are often too heavy for a person to lift without risk of injuries. Even if the materials are not so heavy they can be awkward to carry or it could be hazardous to carry them up to the heights required.

For this reason Lifting equipment is typically used, not only for health and safety issues but to speed up the building process.

Here we are going to look into some of the most commonly used Lifting Product Equipment and material handling solutions that can be used on building sites with great effect. All are available to purchase from leading UK supplier Lifting Gear Direct.

Hoisting Devices for Buildersbuilders hoists

There are more hoisting devices than you may think which can aid in the lifting of building materials to the heights/levels required.

If scaffolding is in place then there are a couple of commonly used options; Firstly there is the scaffold hoist, this is an electric powered lifting hoist which clamps onto a scaffold pole and is able to swing out over the edge of the building in order to raise up and lower your materials. This is probably the easiest and fastest load moving method.

A scaffold runway system is another option to consider and will depend on your scaffolding set up. They consist of a beam which can be clamped under scaffolding to which a beam trolley and hoist can be fitted. The beams come in 3 metre lengths and multiple may be connected together for a longer runway. This set up enables loads to be lifted up the edge of the build and subsequently moved across the beam to another location. These are great for larger builds.

Next up are the scaffold winches like the MP200 or the AP150, these are powered hoists too, but unlike a scaffold hoist the main unit stays at ground level and just the load hook is suspended at the height required. Up to 200kg loads can be lifted up to 40 metres high swiftly.

Finally we have builders gantry hoists, these are similar to a scaffold hoist, but... they are attached to a counter balanced gantry frame instead of scaffolding. The ballast weight enables the hoist to be positioned over the edge for lifting loads. These are ideal when scaffolding is not present.

Construction hoist accessories

scaffold hoist accessories

There are many different types of accessories that can be used with the above construction hoists to aid in the lifting of particular loads. For example tipping buckets are great for mortar and loose loads; Wheelbarrow chains are perfect for lifting a fully loaded wheelbarrow and a brick basket enables easy lifting of multiple bricks in one go. Other accessories include swivel extensions, window props, gin wheel pulleys, bucket carriers and more.

Lifting Bags for Construction tasks

construction lifting bags

Lifting bags are some of the latest accessories that are used for lifting specific loads, they are robust yet light in weight and take up minimal storage. There are a number which are perfect for the construction industry, for example bucket lifting bags to carry/lift buckets and trug type containers; tube lifting bags for the easy handling of multiple tubes/pipes in one go; scaffold fitting buckets – great for when erecting or disassembling scaffolding and lastly the more and more popular solar panel lifting bag.

Other Lifting Tackle used on Building Sites

chain block on building site

There are many other varieties of lifting tackle utilised on builds, large or small. Lifting slings of all varieties are common place as are lifting shackles for easy connections. Lifting clamps and load restraint equipment are other types of lifting gear typically used on site.

There are also instances when other types of lifting hoists will be needed, perhaps inside the building. Chain blocks are a great option here as they require no power supply but can lift extremely heavy loads. Electric hoists are another option for fast and efficient lifting. Winches, cable pullers and lever hoists are other possibilities.

Mobile lifting gantry cranes can also be effectively used on building sites especially the lightweight aluminium type. Parking jacks will most definitely be needed in order to level up where the ground is uneven.

Should you need to handle drums and barrels then there are many accessories which can greatly aid in the lifting of these items. If you have a forklift truck on site then a forklift attachment from Lifting Gear Direct will enhance its use to be able to lift and handle many loads.

Working At Height Safety

height safety on construction site

When working at heights on a construction operation then height safety equipment must be used. Safety harnesses, lanyards, fall arrestors and quality connectors are typical pieces of safety kit for these scenarios and can be purchased from Lifting Gear Direct.