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2000kg over braced swing jib

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2000kg Over Braced Swing Jib

2000kg Over Braced Swing Jib

Choose our over braced swing jib for floor or column mounting and with this model you get an impressive two tonne load limit, an adaptive design and access to expert assistance with installation, testing and inspections. It is second only to our 3000kg unit in terms of load-lugging potential, so read on to get the full details.

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Quick Overview of  the 2000kg Swing Jib Crane

  • Over braced for maximum under beam height
  • 2000kg safe working loads
  • Range of slewing angles up to 270 degrees
  • Manufactured, delivered and installed by our professional team 

Choosing your Jib Crane

The SWL of any jib crane should be the first indicator of whether or not it is appropriate for your purposes. The 2000kg limit of this model is enough to make it practical for various lifting operations, from manoeuvring heavy metal components in a manufacturing scenario to shifting cargo in warehouses. 

If 2000kg seems excessive, we have smaller cranes with between 125kg and 1000kg of lifting power at their disposal. The larger 3000kg model may fit the bill if two tonnes is not enough. 

Naturally you need to pay attention to SWL to avoid dangers during lifting. Bear in mind that only our smaller, sub-1000kg swing jibs can be mounted on walls, hence the reason that this particular example is eligible for mounting on floor surfaces or columns. 

Perks of Over Bracing

Under bracing means that jib cranes can be mounted close to the ceiling and other overhead obstructions. This does mean you have to make compromises in terms of a shorter working beam length due to part of the beam being cut off by the brace itself. 

Over bracing does not suffer from either of these issues, so our 2000kg crane can be equipped with trolleys and other add-ons that will have free reign of the full length of the beam. This helps with practicality and productivity, as well as addressing safety concerns.

 Compelling Customisation Options

Because we make our jib cranes to order, you can specify the length of the arm, add on any accessories or lifting equipment that you need, tell us where you want the assembly installed and remain in complete control throughout the process. 

How to Contact Lifting Gear Direct

Our friendly team of specialist lifting gear representatives are ready to respond to whatever questions you might have about our jib cranes. For further information and quotes, call 01384 76961 or email us and we will work our magic, whatever the nature of your order.

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