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Geared Travel Trolley

Take a look at the beam trolleys we offer with geared travel mechanisms built in to provide a quick, easy option for lateral movement. Paired with a lifting gantry or jib crane, this kind of beam attachment will be a productive investment. If you only need a static beam attachment then a simple beam clamp may be a cheaper option for you rather than an RSJ beam trolley. Read on below to find out all the benefits of a geared trolley

GT Geared Travel Trolley


About the GT Geared Travel Beam Trolley Perfect for use with chain blocks and e..

Hacketts Geared Trolley - WH-GT


About the Hacketts Geared Trolley – WH-GTEasier to use and position precisely th..

Yale HTG Geared Travel Trolley


There is now 2 new models available which have SWL of 30000 & 50000kg. It is..

Corso Geared Travel Beam Trolley


Key Features of the Corso geared beam trolley The gearing on this type of bea..

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Main benefits of the Geared Travel Trolley

While push travel trolleys are almost entirely manual in their operation and electric trolleys rely on a main source of power to perform as intended, a geared travel trolley sits somewhere between the two, arguably offering the best of both worlds. 

Movement is controlled through a chain-based pulley which makes it possible to shift the trolley along a beam in either direction with a decent amount of precision. This approach also means that the amount of effort required to achieve this is reduced. 

Geared Beam Trolley Models & more

Lifting Gear Direct stocks lots of different geared travel beam trolleys, with brands like Yale and GT represented on our site in this category. 

When considering which trolley to buy, be sure to take not only the brand but also the performance specifications into account. This is important from a safety point of view, while also having implications in terms of how effectively you can use the trolley you choose. 

Load capacities vary, although you can expect the smallest geared travel trolleys to provide at least half a tonne of load bearing potential. Meanwhile, the most sizeable units should be able to shoulder 5 tonnes or more, depending on the individual designs. 

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