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There are numerous brand and model choices at Lifting Gear Direct for push trolleys, and with prices starting around £48 with some buy online options, you can't go wrong.

The push travel beam trolley is a type of  beam attachment with manual operation, which enables you to not only attach a load to a beam but also to traverse it along its length. The beam may be part of the building structure but most commonly an RSJ beam trolley is used on the beams of a gantry crane system or Jib crane. Typically when a hoisting device is fitted to these trolleys, their chain and load hook or attached load are used to push and pull the trolley over the beam so a certain amount of physical effort is needed.

Delta Push Travel Beam Trolley

Delta Push Travel Beam Trolley


About the Delta Push Travel Trolley The Delta push travel beam trolley can fit ..

GT Push Travel Trolley

GT Push Travel Trolley


About the GT Push Travel TrolleyThis push travel beam trolley is ideal for use w..

Hacketts Push Travel Trolley WH-PT


About the Hacketts Push Travel Trolley WH-PTPrecision engineered to a high qua..

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley Yale HTP Push travel Trolley

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley


Two size ranges are available to suit beam widths, the size A range isfor smalle..

Corso Push Travel Trolley


Corso push travel beam trolley benefits There are a number of benefits to usi..

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About the Push Travel Beam Trolley

The majority of these push travel trolleys use a central screw rod which pulls together two side plates that incorporate the wheels around the flange of the beam. Within this screw rod, there is an eye which is used for the attachment of your hoisting equipment. This central screw pin should be checked on a regular basis to ensure it remains tightly fitted to the beam.

How does Push Travel Trolley Work?

For beam trolleys of this push travel type, there is a certain amount of physical strength required to move the trolley over the beam, although the wheels within the trolley move easily so physical exertion is minimal. Once the trolley has been securely fitted to the beam, you can attach your chosen hoisting device; this may be a chain block or an electric hoist. You can use the chain on these devices to push the trolley across the beam. Once a load has been attached you can guide the trolley using the load and/or chain, guiding it slowly and steadily to the position on the beam where you need it to be.

Alternative Girder Trolley Options

If you use this type of equipment frequently you may prefer to use a girder trolley or geared beam trolley which moves by pulling down on a chain. Alternatively, you may like an electric trolley where all the work is done for you at the touch of a button and with excellent precision.

Purchase or Contact

Most of our push travel trolleys can be purchased directly online, minimal details are required for payment and delivery, so the process is very quick. If you would rather contact us for help, advice or to purchase over the phone then you can call us on 01384 76961.

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