Corso push travel trolley

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Corso Push Travel Trolley

Corso Push Travel Trolley

This Corso beam push travel trolley from the Tractel range of lifting equipment comes in an excellent range of working load limits from 250kg up to 10,000kg or 10 tonne. Find out more below.

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Corso push travel beam trolley benefits

There are a number of benefits to using a corso push trolley. Firstly they are easy to assemble and attach to the steel beam. It is suitable for use with a good range of beam sizes; their flange widths can be anything between 45mm and 320mm although this will depend on the capacity off the beam trolley chosen as the range varies between models.

A further benefit to this trolley is that it can be used on beams with flat or sloping flanges. This is thanks to the adjustable fit and close fitting steel trolley wheels which incorporate ball bearings for smooth running.

This beam trolley creates a sturdy anchor point from which to attach your hoisting device. It is easy to adjust with the screw in bar which also acts as the anchor point for your hoist.

The Corso push travel trolley also has folded steel end stops, these will act as an anti-drop bar and tilting is averted thanks to the welded on anti-tilt stops on the side plates.

Other Tractel Corso Products

Within the Tractel Corso range you will find the Corso geared travel beam trolley as well as a beam clamp so if its this branded range you want there is an option for most beam attachment types. If you would like to compare with some other brands or see a powered trolley then head over to the main beam attachment page to find the full line up.



To suit beam  WLL tonnes Weight KG 
10t 125-320 10 110



Model To suit beam mm  WLL tonnes Weight KG 
0.5 50-220 0.5 8.5
1t 58-220 1 10.5
2t 66-220 2 18
3t 74-220 3 32
5t 90-220 5 48.5
10t 125-320 10 105