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Camlok sc92 beam clamp

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Camlok Sc92 Beam Clamp

Camlok Sc92 Beam Clamp

Created by the team at Camlok, the SC92 is a well made beam clamp that forms part of our broad line up of beam attachments. It is offered in several sizes to provide different load capacities right up to 20 tonnes, making it versatile as well as effective.
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Camlok SC92 Beam Clamp Quick breakdown

Here is a brief overview of the capabilities that the Camlok SC92 brings to the table, including:

·         Providing a quick yet versatile anchor point

·         The SC92 range incorporates a robust shackle to provide an easy anchor point for additional lifting equipment.

·         Available in 9 different models to fit various beam widths.

·         Available in various lifting capacities from 1000kg up to 20000kg.

·         Flexible application.

·         A central, threaded spindle provides the easy attachment with a secure grip on the beam flange. 

Advantage of adjustability

As hinted at in the bullet points above, the SC92 is not a single clamp design, but rather a range that encompasses several models to ensure that users can order the right one for them. 

The smallest of the bunch is compatible with beams of anywhere between 75mm and 210mm in width. This gradually increases, until the largest capacity unit we stock tops out by offering a beam width compatibility of up to 410mm. 

This adjustability and variety also has other impacts on the statistical elements of the clamp. In particular, the larger the clamp, the heavier its own weight will be, which is worth bearing in mind. At minimum you are looking at a clamp weight of 5kg for the SC92, while the most sizeable model tips the scales at 87kg. 

Benefits of Camlok beam clamps

As with the other beam clamps sold here at Lifting Gear Direct, the main reason that you would use the SC92 is if you wanted to create a safe, stable, compliant anchor point when using an overhead beam or girder. 

Once the clamp is firmly affixed, it can be complimented through the attachment of other lifting accessories to its integrated shackle. 

A clamp of this kind is not designed to be moved while it is under load; instead it stays in one place, gripping the beam and supporting the rated payload weight as appropriate. If you need something which can travel along the beam of a jib crane or lifting gantry, a beam trolley will be an effective alternative to this static product. 

Our extensive equipment offerings

Buying lifting kit from LGD is about more than just beam clamps, gantry systems and products like the SC92, even if all of these product types are popular in their own right. 

We offer a whole world of equipment to customers from across the country, including things like material handling machinery, height safety gear, wire rope products and almost everything else you could imagine in a similar vein. 

Ordering this type of equipment from experts makes sense because you can be sure of getting the best quality products from the biggest brands around, while also knowing that the price you are paying is very competitive and the sheer choice available is unbeatable in any other place on the web. 

Speak with a lifting gear specialist

A quick call to the LGD sales team on 01384 76961, or an email sent via our contact form, will let you ask questions, request quotes and generally start a conversation about all of the beam clamps, attachments and other products we offer.

Camlok Sc92 Beam Clamp  dimensions

Flange (mm) Weight (KG) A min/max B min/max C D E F G H min/max J K min/max
75-210 5 186-350 166-232 17 215 20 84 2 31-48 50 78-246
75-210 6 186-350 167-234 18 215 20 94 4 32-50 50 78-246
100-270 8 232-455 242-337 21 255 22 122 8 40-60 70 80-320
75-305 9 232-455 242-337 21 255 22 122 8 40-60 70 80-320
100-270 10 242-445 250-343 21 255 28 129 10 42-60 70 90-310
75-305 12 242-445 250-343 21 255 28 129 10 42-60 70 90-310
75-305 16 268-480 253-352 20 275 38 146 14 40-60 70 90-310


Sc92 beam clamp shackle dimensions

Model Capacity (WLL) KG Beam width (mm) Weight (KG) 
SC92-1 1000 75-210 5
SC92-2 2000 75-210 6
SC92-3 3000 100-270 8
SC92-3/L 3000 75-305 9
SC92-5 5000 100-270 10
SC92-5L 5000 75-305 12
SC92-10 10000 75-305 19
SC92-15 15000 75-305 35
SC92-20 20000 300-410 87