250kg column mounted jib crane

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250kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

250kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

Designed for column mounting this jib crane has a SWL of 250kg and may be under or over braced up to radiuses of 5m, providing the column support is structurally sound and able to take the weight of the jib and load to be lifted.

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The Perks of Picking Our 250kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

All of our swing jibs are made to order, so each customer gets a completely unique, precisely measured and manufactured product. In the case of this column mounted example with a 250kg capacity, this means you can order a bespoke piece of equipment for your factory or workshop that will outdo any off the shelf equivalent. 

As well as using top quality materials to build each crane, we will install the finished product in the location of your choice. When it needs to be inspected we can send out a specialist to ensure that it is still safe and functional. When it needs repairing, or a part has to be replaced, we can also help you out. 

This 250kg crane is not the only piece of column mounted lifting equipment we sell. You can find a smaller 125kg model on our site, as well as 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg and even 3000kg assemblies. Each one is designed with the same attention to detail and expertise. And if you need extras such as catenaries, festoon systems, beam clamps or any other lifting equipment & accessories. We also make and supply other types of cranes and gantry systems, you only need to ask. 

Column Mounted Jib Crane Quality & Brand Recognition

We work with some of the biggest names in the lifting equipment business to deliver market-leading products to our customers. So if you need to add a hoist to your order for a 250kg column mounted crane, you can pick from respected brands.  

Browse our site to see the kind of products we offer, which includes kit from Demag, Verlinde, Kito, Yale, Donati and a host of other suppliers. This makes Lifting Gear Direct your one stop shop for equipment of all shapes and sizes. We can also inspect, maintain and fix up products from all of these brands and many more besides, with our full selection of services making us very competitive. 

Ask Us About Our Lifting Equipment

There are plenty of ways to find out about the column mounted jib crane models we build and the other lifting gear we offer. We can answer your questions by email when you fill in the contact form on our site. If you would rather speak directly to our team, the number to call is 01384 76961.

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