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Wall Mounted Jib Cranes / Column Mounted Swing Jib Cranes

Do You need a Jib Crane but don't have the floor space?

No problem! Wall or structural column mounted designs are available from Lifting Gear Direct and are custom made to suit your needs.

When it comes to wall mounted jib cranes or column mounted Jib cranes, you need look no further than the wide range of options we can manufacture for you at Lifting Gear Direct. Our cranes in this category come in shapes and sizes to suit many lifting applications. With working load limits of 125kg250kgand 500kg available, these compact, convenient cranes are an excellent addition to a workshop or factory with ambitions of growth and success.

125kg Wall Mounted Jib Crane


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250kg Wall Mounted Jib Crane


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500kg Wall Mounted Jib Crane


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125kg Column Mounted Jib Crane


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250kg Column Mounted Jib Crane


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500kg Column Mounted Jib Crane


This is well suited to use in factories, but can be just at home in other commer..

1000kg Column Mounted Jib Crane


Quality is guaranteed thanks to the materials we use and the care we take when d..

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This page looks at both Wall mounted and column mounted Slewing Cranes.

About Wall and Column Mounted Slewing Cranes

There are some simple things to consider when choosing between a wall or column mounted option.
If you do not have the floor space or a column available for either of the other types  we sell, then a wall mounted model will be the ideal option for your organisation. Because these cranes are mounted to an existing wall a structural expert may need to assess that it is structurally sound.

Why opt for Wall Mounted Jib Cranes?

With lots of brilliant benefits associated with them, our wall mounted option is a sensible choice for customers looking for cost-effectiveness and convenience bundled up in a single bit of kit. 

Mounting a crane on a wall means that you do not need to worry about any support post taking up extra room that you simply do not have to spare. It can be mounted up by the ceiling to ensure that it is out of the way until it is needed; for low headroom applications, our under braced versions are the best option. 

Affordability is another perk of this type of crane since the assembly is simpler and requires fewer components than a floor mounted model. So long as the wall is safe and stable to help support the crane and its intended working load, it should be a budget-friendly option.

The height at which you would like your crane is more or less unlimited, meaning you can have it exactly where you need it. A further benefit to wall mounting is that less steelwork is required and therefore will be significantly cheaper than a floor mounted crane. Due to these  being smaller they are quicker to manufacture than the other larger types and can often be made and installed in a very short timeframe.

Our Wall Mounted Swing Jib Range wall mounted jib crane sizes

They offer up to 500kg of lifting capacity, as well as a good selection of optional features that will improve productivity and boost workplace safety. 125kg is the smallest wall mounted option whilst the 250kg is the mid-range option. A typical wall mounted jib will be able to slew or rotate through 180 degrees as it is restricted by a wall on either side. Sometimes this slewing range can be increased to 270 degrees but is dependent on its positioning on the wall. For example, it may be near a corner which will allow it to rotate past 180 degrees. If you need higher capacity options, consider our column mounted or floor mounted ranges.

Like our other cranes, you can either choose to brace the beam from beneath, or pick a bracing setup that improves the sturdiness and stability from above, the over braced model! Which approach you select will depend on factors such as your requirements, the amount of room available on your premises and how much you want to spend.

Our Column Mounted Slewing Jib 

As the name suggests, we can attach these types of cranes to the columns which are commonly found in commercial buildings, such as warehouses and factories. Mounting a jib  on an existing column is a convenient and quick way of creating a compellingly effective lifting solution. Thousands of commercial premises have columns that are capable of supporting this type of crane. Whether the column is made of brick or steel, it should be suitable for one of our cranes. Rest assured that we will check the column before we install the crane to make sure that it is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the crane and any load that it is used to lift. Sometimes a structural engineer will need to be called to clarify the column is fit for its intended purpose. Furthermore, we can build bespoke assemblies, tailored to your needs, which are cost-conscious and a boon in terms of productivity; we produce column mounted  cranes for tiny workshops and vast warehouses alike.

Our cranes for column mounting adhere to the same high standards of quality that you will find across our entire swing jib family. As long as they are used correctly and within the remit of their load capacities, they will be safe and secure.

As with the floor mounted cranes we sell, the most compact column mounted equivalent has a capacity of 125kg while the most powerful peaks at 3000kg. Likewise, you can choose over or under bracing, depending on how much clearance you need above and below the beam. There are no height restrictions as such, as they can be positioned pretty much anywhere on the column. The span of the arm can be up to 5 metres long.

We give you the option to add extras to your order to improve the way your crane operates. This includes everything from the hoisting equipment itself to accessories like beam clamps, trolleys, and festoon systems complete with a set of suspenders. This is an example of the unique products you can order from Lifting Gear Direct. 

Customised Jibs

Due to the fact that we manufacture our own Jibs & mobile gantry systems here at Lifting Gear Direct, we can tailor each crane to best suit your environment and your lifting needs. We are able to produce these column mounted models to any span up to a maximum of 5 metres with a standard 270 degree slewing range. Slew stops may be added to limit the range if necessary, so safety need never be compromised.

The options available for your column mounted swing crane do not stop at the bracing setup, as we can install, test and supply it along with attachments and extras of all kinds. 

Even if a column crane is not ideal, we have you covered. We also produce floor mounted and wall mounted cranes of various capacities that should satisfy you.

Other Equipment to use with a Jib Crane

A wall mounted slewing crane is of little use unless it is outfitted with the right components; if you need other lifting equipment to go with this or any other crane then look no further; Lifting Gear Direct are leading suppliers to many top branded lifting equipment as well as some cheaper alternatives allowing you to budget accordingly. From trolleys to Electric hoists, chain blocks and even air hoists are no problem, and along with complete festoon systems you can acquire the full lifting package from one place, all installed and pre-tested for you.

Every crane we create is crafted with care, constructed using high quality components and tested to ensure total compliance with safety rules and regulations.

Picking and Choosing

If you are impressed by the range of options available, but now cannot work out which one is right for you, there are a few things to think about to help narrow down the field. 

First up is the working load limit, which obviously needs to be dictated by the type of objects and materials you are going to be moving. Secondly, there is the amount of room that is available on your premises. Thirdly there is the existing gear you have available, while finally, your budget will come into play. With all these considered, you should be on the right track to picking a crane.

Ready to order – contact us here

You do not need to commit to ordering a wall mounted crane from us until you are totally satisfied with what we offer. For that reason, we encourage customers to call our team. You can contact the team at Lifting Gear Direct in a few ways. You can send us an email, stating all your requirements or just to request a call back; this can be completed via the contact page or the rapid enquiry button. If you would rather have a verbal conversation then don’t hesitate to call us on 01384 76961.

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