500kg column mounted jib crane

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500kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

500kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

We sell a mid range Jib crane at 500kg WLL's specifically for mounting to pre-existing steel/brick columns (Must be structurally safe and sound). Buy a 500kg column mounted swing jib crane today from Lifting Gear Direct - always great prices.

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This is well suited to use in factories, but can be just at home in other commercial environments, such as a workshop or garage. Heavy lifting will become a breeze with our bespoke lifting jib models

500kg Column Mounted Jib Crane Capabilities & Accessories

With a radius spanning 270 degrees and spans up to 5 metres they can cover a wide working area, if you need this arc limiting we can easily add slew stops to suit you. 

The customisation options do not stop there, as we will make your cranes to the exact measurements that you require and offer either under or over beam bracing. This makes the model you buy an exclusive item, specifically built for you and no one else. We also make our own floor mounted and wall mounted swing jibs, so remember to check out the rest of our site if you need a different setup or lifting capacity. 

The 500kg lifting jib we make for you can be adorned with whatever extras you think will be useful. Catenaries and festoon systems with suspenders are amongst the most popular optional features to add. Our customers can also select hoisting equipment from popular brands like Yale and Donati to get a holistic lifting solution set up on-site. 

Every business has its own lifting needs and this crane with its mid-range capacity is a good choice for clients who want to capitalise on industry growth. With other models offering up to 3000kg of safe lifting, you have plenty of choice. And with 125kg and 250kg units also available, our column mounted jibs range is second to none. 

Other Column Mounted Jibs Service Options We Offer 

Our comprehensive service not only manufactures to your requirements, we deliver, install, load test and carry out the compulsory yearly lifting equipment inspections if required. 

Because we provide all of this in-house, you do not need to look anywhere else for lifting equipment. We can help you keep your gear running smoothly year after year, and supply the spare parts you need for repairs when the time comes. We can also fix kit from a number of manufactures, so whatever faults occur we can help get everything up and running again. 

Get Lifting Jib Info & Prices

We are happy to provide quotes for the products and services we offer, including all of the custom-made jib crane models on our site. For more information call us on 01384 76961 or contact us online using the form for a response via email. Our experienced team is waiting to answer any questions you might have.



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