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Delta deh electric hoist

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Delta DEH Electric Hoist

Delta DEH Electric Hoist

With lifting capacities ranging from 250kg up to 2000kg the Robust Delta DEH electric hoist range offers a cost effective solution to heavy load lifting. This highly reliable, compact hoist has many advantages over similar hoists and can usually be delivered within a day or two. Read on below to find out more. SUPPLIED AS 6MTR HOL AS STANDARD + Radio remote control option

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About the Delta DEH Electric Hoist 

The Delta DEH electric hoist has always been a reliable electric hoisting system yet has undergone many upgrades during 2022 to make it even more robust, reliable, safe and easier to maintain. Upgrades include relay contactor mounting, updated ergonomic pendant control, chain end buffer, plug and play connections and an updated gearbox, The chain collection bucket has also been updated whilst the chain guide mechanism has been made easier to access for maintenance.

Siemens or Eaton contactors are used in the operating system in order to provide the highest reliability whilst enabling each contactor to be changed individually if a breakdown occurs. The Eaton contactors are used in the 250kg model only, all other models use Siemens contactors. The relay contactors are now mounted on a sturdy steel plate for even easier access and removal.

All Delta electric hoists comply with the machinery directive 2006/42/EC and comes with test certification as well as the CE declaration of conformity, operating instructions are also included.

Delta DEH Electric Hoist Key Features

With 4 lifting capacities to choose from the Delta DEH electric hoist with hook suspension is great for low to mid weight loads from 250kg up to 2000kg. It has a 40% duty cycle boasting up to 240 starts per hour and together with the double speed lifting choice many loads can be lifted quickly, precisely and safely. This hoist is therefore perfect for areas where there are many loads to be moved such as warehouses and factories. However due to the fact that this is a quality, reliable and lower cost hoist they are a cost effective choice with excellent reliability for many situations such as construction, transportation, shipping, defence and many other industrial areas.

Featuring an all new plug and play system it is really easy to install and set up straight from the box. It also enables components to be changed, for example the safety hook suspension could be changed for a beam trolley or the pendant could be removed and replaced with a radio control system, its quick and easy.

The DEH Delta electric hoist comes with swivel suspension and load hooks complete with a safety latch as well as a quality RUD chain giving 6 metres height of lift as standard. Most other hoists only provide 3 metres!

Delta DEH electric hoist components

Safety Features of the DEH Electric Chain Hoist

The braking system in the DEH hoist has an electro magnetic spring pressure brake which will ensure that the load will be held securely should there be a power outage. The hoist also incorporates upper and lower limit switches which are electro-mechanical and ensure the chain cannot move too far providing additional protection to the housing, chain guides and load hook.

For extra safety the hoist benefits from having overload protection in the form of a slip clutch, this can be adjusted externally if required. Heat sensors within the hoist provide thermal protection and there is an emergency stop button on the pendant control.

The newly designed chain bucket ensures all loose, unused chain is kept neatly out of the way and the highly durable buffer at the end of the load chain provides additional protection, so all in all there are some great safety features on the Delta DEH electric hoist.

The DEH hoist is encased in a robust housing offering great protection whilst the permanently lubricated transmission system makes sure operation is smooth and quiet. Maintenance is straightforward thanks to the easy to disassemble system.

Lifting Gear Direct will supply the Delta DEH electric hoist complete with control switch, power cable and chain container.

If you would like to know the specific technical details and specifications such as speeds, chain size, power output, weight and more then please refer to the specification tab above where you will find everything you need, including dimension drawings and downloadable manuals. A video of the DEH hoisting system is available on the main Delta hoist category page or on You Tube.

More Delta Electric Hoists

If you need a trolley fitting in place of the standard hook suspension as seen here on the DEH hoist then take a look at the Delta DEH electric hoist and trolley combination. You will find there is a choice of either push travel or powered trolley options to suit your requirements which will work seamlessly with a lifting gantry or Jib crane for example.

Other Delta electric hoists Lifting Gear Direct can supply include the Delta DTS which is larger in physical size but offers higher lifting capacities up to 5000kg.

Get in touch if you need any help.

Delta DEH Electric Hoist Summary

  • SWL from 250k to 2000kg

  • Quality Siemens/Eaton Contactors

  • Dual Speed

  • 40% Duty cycle – 240 starts per hour

  • Ergonomic pendant control

  • Plug & play connections

  • Chain end buffer

  • Updated gearbox

  • Easy access chain guide

  • Chain collection bucket

  • IP55 housing

  • IP65 Pendant

  • 3 phase, 50Hz, 400-440v

  • slip clutch overload protection – adjustable externally.

  • Thermal Protection

See the full specifications for more details.

Model A B C D E F H J K
DEH250 211 228 115 57 114 123 420 40 23
DEH500 231 204 165 62 118 162 465 40 27
DEH1000 264 245 175 67 128 187 575 45 31
DEH2000 264 245 175 89 150 165 690 53 38
delta deh electric hoist dimensions
Model Capacity Lifting Speed m/min Load Chain Øxmm Chain Falls Power Output Net Weight Extra chain weight
DEH 250 250kg 8/2 4 x 12 1 0.4/0.1kW 22kg 0.4kg kg/m
DEH 500 500kg 8/2 5 x 15 1 0.72/0.18kW 33kg 0.7kg kg/m
DEH1000 1000kg 8/2 7.1 x 21 1 1.6/0.4kW 56kg 1.1kg kg/m
DEH 2000 2000kg 4/1 7.1 x 21 2 1.6/0.4kW 58kg 2.2kg kg/m
Technical Data
Operating Voltage 400-440V / 50Hz / 3Ph
Lifting Speed Double speed
Control Pendant Cable Standard 6 meter
Power Cable 1 meter without plug
Load Chain Load chain according to EN 818-7-DAT/DT
Housing Protection IP55
Control Pendant Protection IP65
Classification M5/2m(ISO/FEM)
Duty Cycle/starts per hour 40% / 240
Insulation Class F
Operating Temperature -10C - +40C
Load Type Goods. Not for lifting people.
Safety Devices
Control Switch 24V pendant control with emergency stop button
Overload Protection Externally adjustable slip clutch
Brake Electro-magnetic spring pressure brake to hold load even if power fails.
Limit Switch Electro-mechanical upper and lower limit switches
Thermal Protection Protected through heat sensor