End plate lifting dogs

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End plate lifting dogs

End plate lifting dogs

Ideal for handling larger sheets the End plate lifting dogs are available from Lifting Gear Direct at great prices.

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About our End plate lifting dogs

End dogs come complete with chains and grab hooks and are ideal for use with our large dogs with spacer bars. They are usually positioned at the ends of the steel sheets in order to stop longer plates or loads bowing when lifting.

Made to order from quality flat steel and molded to shape. There is an eye at the top end where the lifting chain is attached. 

They are sold in pairs and should always be used in pairs, more can be added if needed. 

Other Plate Lifting Products

Other than our selection of plate lifting dogs we can supply a range of other equipment suitable for lifting plate materials such as steel sheets. Plate clamps are probably the most common choice and these are available in a range of designs to lift plates in different orientations.

Lifting Magnets are popular for sheets of steel although some can be used to lift cylindrical steel components too. We have a great range of permanent magnets as well as battery powered magnet lifters.

Don't forget we can also supply any hoisting device, lifting sling and even crane systems to complete your lifting operation should you need them.