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Endless chain sling grade 8

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Endless Chain Sling Grade 8

Endless Chain Sling Grade 8

Endless chain slings in grade 8 can be bought from Lifting Gear Direct to your specifications.

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 About the Endless Chain Sling Grade 8

In addition to supplying chain slings with up to 4 legs, we also make grade 8 endless chain slings which are able to tackle varied lifting operations where such a design is advantageous.

 Endless benefits

You might decide to use an endless chain sling over a straight leg equivalent if you have different hitching requirements and need to make sure a potentially awkward load type is handled safely during lifting and lowering. 

Load capacity variations are clearly a key concern in any application, so use the technical data provided below to established exactly the kind of grade 8 endless chain sling to order. 

Lifting sling line up

Our lifting slings are not just made with steel chains and associated components; we also supply custom slings of many other kinds. 

Order round slings and web slings from Lifting Gear Direct and you can enjoy a truly bespoke style of service, adding in any other equipment to make things especially simple and cost-effective. 

Speak with a chain sling specialist

We can give you the lowdown on all of our lifting sling products when you fill out our contact form or call our sales hotline on 01384 76961.

Grade 8 Chain Diameter Working Load Limit Manufacturing Proof Force Breaking Force Weight
(mm) (tonnes) (kN) (kN min) (kgs/mtr)
7 1.5 38.5 61.6 1.17
8 2 50.3 80.4 1.51
10 3.15 78.5 126 2.23
13 5.3 133 212 3.9
16 8 201 322 5.79
20 12.5 314 503 9.21
22 15 380 608 11.2
26 21.2 531 849 15.2
32 31.5 804 1290 23
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