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Raptor Chain Blocks

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You can buy Raptor chain blocks here on Lifting Gear Direct, with lots of different load capacities up to 20 tonnes offered and plenty of selling points to consider. With prices starting at just under £80 this manual chain hoist is a cost effective lifting device which is sure to meet your needs. For more chain blocks or block and tackle, devices head over to the main pages to see the complete collection.

Raptor MH Chain Block Raptor MH Chain Block

Raptor MH Chain Block


This hoist can handle safe lifting duties quickly and efficiently, and is just o..

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About Raptor Chain Blocks

 Although the Raptor brand is only 10 years old, it has already risen to prominence in this short period and can trace its history back much further, all the way to the late 1960s.  Check out the full range below and contact us if you need more information.

Raptor MH Chain Block

The chain block market is undeniably competitive, as you can tell from the number of different models that we sell on our site. Raptor clearly recognises this, as the MH range consists of models that are sturdily built and affordably priced.

In terms of load capacity, you will find a wide selection of different setups here. The basic MH can cope with payloads of up to 500kg, with several height options available and a single chain fall setup. There are also units that offer safe working limits of between 1000kg and 20 tonnes, the largest of which has eight chain falls, for obvious reasons.

When it comes to lifting equipment, safety is of paramount importance. These Raptor chain blocks are compliant with industry regulations and feature a number of components designed to make them safer and more stable. A disc brake system is included throughout the MH range, so operators will always feel in control. The load chains are fashioned from alloy, which is not only rugged and strong but also able to resist corrosion which might otherwise build upon a straightforward steel unit.

The payload limit of each of the MH manual chain blocks will impact its size and weight, but at every interval, along the way, you will find units that are efficiently designed and pared down so that they do not have any unnecessary bulk. This allows them to be used in places where space may be limited, while still giving operators room to manoeuvre.

Find More Raptor Products

Raptor is a prolific producer of lifting equipment, so whatever your requirements you should be able to find a suitable hoist, clamp, drum stand, or another component on our site. View the full Raptor range and see why it has become such a big player in a relatively short amount of time.

It is also worth remembering that we sell various chain block products from other manufacturers, including Yale and Kito, so browse our broad selection and do not limit yourself to just one brand. We also sell everything from safety kits for working at height to forklift attachments, which makes our site hard to beat.

How to Contact Lifting Gear Direct about Manual Chain Blocks

Whether you want a quote for our manual chain blocks or need more information about any of the products on the Lifting Gear Direct site, the best solution is to get in touch and ask us directly. Call 01384 76961 or enter your details into the form on our contacts page and our team will give you the advice and guidance you crave.

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