Tiger rov chain block

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Tiger ROV Chain Block

Tiger ROV Chain Block

The Tiger ROV chain block system is fully corrosion resistant for subsea use. It is one of many specialised hoists we sell, providing class-leading levels of durability in the face of the toughest marine environments.
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 This hoist is ideal for use with remotely operated vehicles (ROV) in deep sea salvage and research operations.

Tiger ROV Chain Block Key Features 

  • Proven subsea brake design with chamber cover.
  • Marine specification friction discs. 

 Available with various interfaces, including: 

  • Hydraulic Hot Stab connection type A dual port
  • Rotary Torque Receptacle Classes 1,2 & 3
  • Manual D Handle, T-bar or Fishtail Direct Drive
  • QD Direct Drive Couplings  

Benefits of Tiger ROV Chain Block 

Like many of our most durable, resilient chain blocks, the ROV is not just built to withstand exposure to environments of all types; it also offers a range of load capacities. The smallest of the bunch can cope with up to three tonnes of equipment safely and stably. There are also models with safe working limits of 10, 15 and 20 tonnes apiece, so operations of all sizes should be easy to accommodate.  

Select Chain Hoists to Suit the Job in Hand 

Tiger’s range of chain blocks includes a spark resistant model to comply with ATEX standards. There are also corrosion resistant hoists from Yale with similarly durable designs as the ROV. The load limit is therefore not the only thing that you need to consider when selecting a product from LGD; you also need to look at its design and decide whether or not it will be apt for the uses that you have in mind.  

Get more Tiger ROV Chain Block Info 

If you are still uncertain about the ROV chain hoist, or any of Tiger’s other products, call the LGD team to find out more. Our lifting gear hotline number is 01384 76961 and you can also email your question via the contact page on our site.



Product Code Capacity (tonne) Dimensions (mm)
    A B C D E F F1 G
CB-0300 3 109 84   98 157 40 35 550
CB-1000 10 109 84   153 263 60 54 660
CB-1500 15 110 84   225 374 64 57 840
CB-2000 20 160 90   140 347 90 70 1050

Tiger ROV Chain Block dimensions


Product Code Capacity (tonne) Effort (kg) Load Chain Standard HOL (m) Mass Kg @ std HOL
      Diameter (mm) No. of falls    
CB-0300 3 38 Ø10.0 1 3 30.8
CB-1000 10 40 Ø10.0 3 3 65
CB-1500 15 41 Ø10.0 5 3 132
CB-2000 20 43 Ø10.0 6 3 180.5


Product Code Capacity (tonne) Max Torque (Nm) Revs per 300mm travel Mass out of Water (Kg) (Includes chain block @ std HOL)
        Hot Stab Torque Tool Fishtail
RCB-0300 3 45 55 60.5 57.5 53.5
RCB-1000 10 50 165 90.3 87.3 83.9
RCB-2000 20 55 340 208 205 201
RCB-1500 15 52 275 160.3 157.3 153.3