Tiger spark resistant chain block

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Tiger Spark Resistant Chain Block

Tiger Spark Resistant Chain Block

The Tiger spark resistant chain block is essentially the same as the TCB, but with a few small changes and is ATEX rated.
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Its design means that it can be used in environments where combustible materials or gasses are present, without increasing the risk of an explosion occurring. With various load capacities available, this range is fairly varied and worth examining alongside other Tiger chain blocks

Tiger Spark Resistant Chain Block Model Options

While some specialised chain block ranges that are adapted from their standard counterparts are a little more limited in terms of working load capacities, this is not the case with Tiger’s own spark resistant creation. It matches the aforementioned TCB range in terms of its safe working limits, kicking off with a 500kg unit and going all the way up to 30 tonnes at the upper end of the range. 

This means that lifting operations in hazardous environments can be completed by organisations of all kinds, whether small in scale or with much larger loads to shift safely

Tiger Spark Resistant Chain Block Adaptations

The changes made to the design of the Tiger TCB on which this spark resistant model is based may seem minor, but they make a major difference when it comes to lifting operations that take place in proximity to combustible substances or explosive atmospheres. 

The coating on the chain block unit and the chains keeps the entire assembly calm and collected. The braking system has also been altered so that it will not generate too much heat and raise risks of ignition in its own right, even during intensive operations. 

Other ATEX Rated Chain Blocks to Buy

Our line up of chain blocks includes plenty of general purpose models, but if ATEX compliance is a vital asset, then there are a few other alternatives to this Tiger model to consider. The Yale YLLHP/G low headroom chain block is a compact example, which includes its own specially coated trolley system that is also spark resistant and safe. 

Get Help with Chain Blocks

The world of spark resistant chain blocks can be a little overwhelming, especially with so many models on offer. If you need any advice, or want to get a quote for products from Tiger and other big brands, the best thing to do is call the LGD team. They can be reached on 01384 76961, or through our contact form.

Product Code  Capacity (tonne) Effort (KG)  Load chain  Standard HOL (M) Mass KG @ std HOL 
      Diameter (mm) No. Of falls     
CB-0050 0.5 21 Ø6.3 1 3 10.8
CB-0100 1 25 Ø6.3 1 3 11.8
CB-0150 1.5 32 Ø7.1 1 3 16.2
CB-0200 2 34 Ø8 1 3 20
CB-020L 2 32 Ø7.1 1 3 16.5
CB-0300 3 38 Ø10 1 3 30.8
CB-030T 3 34 Ø7.1 2 3 23.3
CB-0500 5 37 Ø8 3 3 37.8
CB-0800 8 37 Ø8 4 3 67
CB-1000 10 40 Ø10 3 3 65
CB-1500 15 41 Ø10 5 3 131.4
CB-2000 20 43 Ø10 6 3 180.5
CB-3000 30 42 Ø10 10 3 300