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Yale mini 360 chain block

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Yale Mini 360 Chain Block

Yale Mini 360 Chain Block

The Yale mini 360 chain block is the smallest block and tackle in the range from the Yale brand. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand and can lift loads of up to 250kg or 500kg depending on your model choice.

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Benefits of the Yale mini 360 Chain Block

The extremely compact nature of this manual chain hoist makes transportation easy, in fact it will most likely fit in your tool box. In addition the hoist is made from die cast aluminium and is therefore light in weight. The smaller model weighs in at just 2.9kg and the largest hoist weighs 4.3 kg; this is with the standard 3 metre lifting height, obviously if you choose to have a longer chain to gain more height of lift then the weight will increase according to the extra chain weight.

One of the biggest benefits to the mini 360 chain block is the fact that it can be used to lift, pull and position loads from any angle, thanks to the 360 degree rotating hand chain guide. This means that it can be used in any number of lifting or pulling tasks and are useful in car repair garages, work shops, assembly work, crafts, in fact there are countless applications where this manual chain hoist could be used with great success.

Other Key Features of the 360 mini Manual Chain Hoist

The aluminium design of the main body all the internal parts are protected and can be safely used outdoors or on rougher environments. The chain block possesses a load pressure brake, meaning that the load will be held in any position. This also enables very good precise positioning of the load which is an added bonus if you need your load to remain in a certain position whilst work is carried out.

There is a load chain wheel for the chain to pass over smoothly, this incorporates an enclosed load chain guide for protection and ensures the load chain remains in contact with the load wheel pockets at all times. High quality galvanised steel load chain is used and chosen for the optimal fit to the load chain wheel.

The top and bottom hooks on the mini 360 chain block are forged from age resistant, high alloy tempered steel and incorporate robust safety latches for optimum safety. The hooks are designed to yield rather than break if overloaded. Both hooks have a swivel functionality for easy positioning of the hoist and load.

Similar Chain Block Hoists

This mini hoist has been derived from the standard version of the Yale 360 chain block which can handle loads up to 20,000kg but is obviously quite a bit larger.

If you would like to compare the Yale mini 360 with a similar sized hoist then take a look at the Kito CX chain block which comes with the same choice of safe working loads, plus a 1000kg model.

Lifting Gear Direct has a great choice of chain blocks / block and tackle set ups from these very compact models to the standard versions. With prices starting from just under £60 you will find the best prices on all models right here.

mini 360 chain block dimensions
Model WLL Chain Falls Chain Dimensions Lifting Height Lift per 1m hand chain overhaul Closed Height Handle pull at WLL Weight
Yale Mini 360 kg
d x p in mm m mm mm daN kg
250 250 1 3x9 – T 3 40 245 25 2.9
500 500 1 4x12 – T 3 25 285 24 4.3