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The Yale Chain Block range are among our best sellers. Its line up of chain hoist models is particularly impressive, and we stock many examples of Yale chain blocks here at Lifting Gear Direct. If you need a manual chain block built by a market-leading brand, check out our full selection. You will find that Yale block & tackle devices start at just under £96 so buy your lifting gear from Lifting Gear Direct today to get the best prices.

Yale Manual Chain Hoists

Yale manual chain hoists incorporate a vast choice of models including models like the 360 Chain Block, which is a compact and cost-effective model designed for use where space is tight. Because the hand wheel cover can rotate completely, it is possible to operate this hoist from above, which improves safety and convenience in equal measure. Safe working limits for this model range from 500kg right up to five tonnes, and it is just one example of the kind of manual hoist that Yale hoist brings to the table.  

Yale Mini 360 Chain Block Yale Mini 360 Chain Block

Yale Mini 360 Chain Block


Benefits of the Yale mini 360 Chain Block The extremely compact nature of thi..

Yale VSlll Chain Block Yale VSlll Chain Block

Yale VSlll Chain Block


It forms part of a broader range of lifting equipment from Yale, which includes ..

Yalelift 360 Chain Block Yalelift 360 Chain Block

Yalelift 360 Chain Block


 Like all of Yale’s other manual chain hoist ranges, it spans a number of ..

Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley

Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley


The versatility of the controls is complemented by the productivity offered by t..

ATEX Yalelift 360 Chain Block


 It packs in all of the perks of the standard Yalelift 360 chain block&nbs..

Yalelift 360 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block


Changes to the design and the use of tougher materials help it to battle back ag..

ATEX Yalelift 360 ITP & ITG Chain Block with integrated trolley


 Yale makes a comprehensive range of lifting gear which goes far beyond man..

Yalelift ITP Corrosion Resistant Chain Block with Integral Trolley


With its durable design it is better equipped to deal with safe lifting applicat..

Yale ATEX YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block


This is a major benefit in a number of industries, giving this chain block the a..

Yalelift ITG corrosion Resistant Chain block with Integral Trolley.


This means there is no need to affix it to an existing trolley if you want to ge..

Yale YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block with Trolley


It is part of a wider range of Yale chain blocks you can buy from Lifting Gear D..

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 Yale is one of the most respected names in the lifting equipment world; with almost a century and a half of history behind it and a huge range of cutting edge products on offer. 

Yale VSIII Chain Block

This mid-tier hoist can cope with a range of lifting requirements, with models ranging in terms of load capacity from 250kg right up to five tonnes. It benefits from a modern chain guide system that keeps everything flowing smoothly, avoiding jams and ensuring that loads remain stable. It also features a number of zinc-plated components, which are resistant to corrosion and thus better able to deliver a long lifespan that customers will appreciate.

YaleLift 360 Chain Block

When it comes to versatility, the 360 manual chain block is at the top of the pecking order. The handwheel cover can be rotated a full 360 degrees, which lets you operate it from multiple angles. Safe working limits for this range kick off at 500kg and top out at 20,000kg, with the largest unit of the lot relying on six chain falls to keep loads safe and secure. The slick, precise operation of the chain makes it a breeze to use and you can also buy a version of this product with an integrated trolley for added convenience. Corrosion-resistant examples are offered for businesses that need extra protection and durability.

Yale ATEX YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block

For work in environments where explosives are present, this ATEX-compliant low headroom chain block is a must-have. The unit and the trolley it sits on are coated to prevent sparks from being generated as they work. The brakes have an integrated cooling element to avoid overheating. Models of multiple capacity levels are available, ranging from 500kg right up to ten tonnes, so it should be suitable for a range of organisations and industries.  

The standard version of this unit, which does not come with the ATEX adaptations, is also available to buy. As the name suggests, both examples are equipped to deal with lifting in areas where there is limited headroom available. Push travel and geared variants offer different capabilities, depending on your budget and requirements.

All of the Yale chain blocks we stock are designed with safety in mind, and will also be compatible with different beam widths and jib or gantry crane configurations. With this level of choice, it is no surprise that it is one of our most popular brands.

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There is a lot to digest when finding out about the Yale chain blocks we sell, so if you have any questions about any of these products, we are happy to answer them. Contact us online using our rapid response form, or call our team on 01384 76961 to speak to someone who can help you out.

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