Atex yalelift 360 itp itg chain block with integrated trolley

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ATEX Yalelift 360 ITP & ITG Chain Block with integrated trolley

ATEX Yalelift 360 ITP & ITG Chain Block with integrated trolley

Providing basic protection against sparks which may cause explosions in hazardous areas. This is just one of the ATEX rated hoists that Yale offers, along with its standard models.

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 Yale makes a comprehensive range of lifting gear which goes far beyond manual chain blocks and encompasses everything from pullers and lever hoists to webbing and safety accessories

Core Features of Yalelift 360 ATEX Chain Blocks

  • ATEX rated, ll 3 GD c llB T5 (zone 2/22) 
  • Specially coated unit, trolley, top and bottom hooks. 
  • Load chain galvanic, zinc plated and a stainless steel hand chain. 
  • Trolley buffers. 
  • Plain roller special coated. 
  • Cooling element in brake system. 

Why Choose Yalelift ATEX Chain Blocks?

With any lifting application, safety should be a concern. This is multiplied further when taking into account potentially explosive atmospheres. A standard manual hoist can create friction in its brakes and sparks in its chains, which is obviously not ideal. The ATEX-compliant range from Yale is protected against this kind of hazard. 

A coating applied to the hoist and trolley assembly allows for seamless manoeuvring to take place with lower chance of sparking. The brakes are cooled to address issues caused by overheating. Trolley buffers prevent the hoist from coming to a clattering stop, which improves stability and limits metal-on-metal strikes which also generate sparks. 

Nothing has been left to chance, so while basic protection is promised by this range, it should give you peace of mind. 

Yalelift 360 ITP & ITG Chain Block Capacities & Other Options

As with many other chain blocks, the entry level units in this range come with safe working load limits of 500kg. This is increased incrementally as the size of each hoist rises, with the largest of the ITP and ITG models both coming with 10 tonnes of load bearing capacity. 

The inclusion of the 360 hand control unit gives these hoists added versatility and practicality. Operators can station themselves out of the way of the payload, even handling its movement from overhead. This further ensures safety for everyday use, even before the ATEX rating is taken into account. 

Take a look at our chain hoists from Tiger, GT and Kito for other models that are just as sturdy, without the spark-resistant design features. 

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A min,mm 245 272 323 382 550 784
A1,mm 158 178 205.5 252 260.5 380
A2,mm / / / / / /
B,mm 17 22 30 38 45 68
C,mm 24 29 35 40 47 68
D,mm 14 19 22 30 37 50
F (geared), mm 92 92 91 107 149.5 113
H1,mm 24.5 24 23.5 32 30.5 55
I (Pushed),mm 71.5 71.5 95.5 131 142.5 169
I (Geared), mm 76.5 76.5 98 132.5 148.5 169
L,mm 270 310 360 445 525 430
L1,mm 130 130 150 180 209 200
L2,mm 159 175 207 256 283 261
M,mm M18 M22 M27 M30 M42 M48
O,mm 60 60 80 112 125 150
P (geared),mm 108 110 112 112 117 158
T (area A), mm 280 290 305 320 / /
T (area B), mm  400 410 425 440 484 540

Yale atex ITP chain block


ModelCapacity in kg/number of chain fallsSizeBeam flange width b mm Beam flange thickness tmax mm Min. Curve radius m Weight* KGWeight* with beam brake KG 
YLITP ATEX 500500/1A50-180190.92026
YLITP ATEX 500500/1B180-300190.92127
YLITP ATEX 10001000/1A50-180190.92735
YLITP ATEX 10001000/1B180-300190.92937
YLITP ATEX 20002000/1A58-180191.154452
YLITP ATEX 20002000/1B180-300191.154654
YLITP ATEX 30003000/1A74-180271.57786
YLITP ATEX 30003000/1B180-300271.47988
YLITP ATEX 50005000/2A98-180272125135
YLITP ATEX 50005000/2B180-300271.8129139
YLITP ATEX 1000010000/3A125-310401.8//


ModelCapacity in kg/number of chain fallsSizeBeam flange width b mm Beam flange thickness tmax mm Min. Curve radius m Weight* KGWeight* with beam brake KG 
YLITG ATEX 500500/1A50-180190.92431
YLITG ATEX 500500/1B180-300190.92532
YLITG ATEX 10001000/1A50-180190.93240
YLITG ATEX 10001000/1B180-300190.93341
YLITG ATEX 20002000/1A58-180191.154957
YLITG ATEX 20002000/1B180-300191.155058
YLITG ATEX 30003000/1A74-180271.58291
YLITG ATEX 30003000/1B180-300271.48493
YLITG ATEX 50005000/2A98-180272130140
YLITG ATEX 50005000/2B180-300271.8134144
YLITG ATEX 1000010000/3A125-310401.8//