Yalelift 360 corrosion resistant chain block

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Yalelift 360 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block

Yalelift 360 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block

The Yalelift 360 with added Corrosion Resistance. This chain block is very similar to its base model counterpart, but comes with the added benefit of being built to withstand exposure to more challenging environments.
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Changes to the design and the use of tougher materials help it to battle back against the arrival of corrosion. So, if a standard chain hoist will not cut it, pick this range from Yale for a truly hard-wearing lifting experience. 

Yalelift 360 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block Quick Look

  • Providing all the features of the standard Yalelift 360 model. 
  • 5 models with capacities from 500kg up to 4000kg. 
  • Full corrosion resistance via the Delta Protekt KL 100 process.
  • Stainless steel hand and load chains. 

Yalelift 360 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block Durability Features

Aside from its basic lifting capabilities, the key reason to consider this chain block over its competitors is its corrosion resistance. This is achieved using the aforementioned Delta Protekt KL 100 process, which is technically complex and undoubtedly effective. In short, it is a special coating that is applied to the standard metal body of the Yalelift 360 chain block, giving it a layer of zinc that stops moisture in the air and other problematic substances from doing damage. 

The corrosion-resistant coating complies with government regulations on the restriction of hazardous substances, so you have no need to worry about whether it will cause problems in its own right. Simply deploy this hoist and start using it as usual, carrying out regular maintenance and inspections to keep it safe and operational. 

Yalelift 360 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block Capabilities

The largest version of this specific Yale chain block spin-off is limited to a four tonne safe working weight. If you need more load capacity and are less worried about corrosion, then there are other options available. The GT Viper, for example, offers up to 30 tonnes of heavy duty hauling power. The Kito CB range takes this even further, with up to 50 tonnes able to be manoeuvred safely. If you need an even more specialised version of the 360 chain block from Yalelift, we also stock the ATEX-rated edition

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