Yalelift itg corrosion resistant chain block with integral trolley

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Yalelift ITG corrosion Resistant Chain block with Integral Trolley.

Yalelift ITG corrosion Resistant Chain block with Integral Trolley.

This version of the Yalelift ITG corrosion Resistant Chain block comes with its own integrated trolley.
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  • Product Code: Yalelift ITG corrosion Resistant Chain block Integral Trolley
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This means there is no need to affix it to an existing trolley if you want to get it up and running as soon as possible. It has a number of other key selling points, with its specially coated components ensuring improved protection against corrosive substances and challenging environments. Like the rest of Yale’s manual chain hoists, this range is made with high quality materials and is offered across a number of working load limits. 

Basic Features of Yalelift ITG Corrosion Resistant Chain Block with Integral Trolley

  • Providing all the same benefits as the standard ITG model; PLUS;
  • Completely corrosion resistant due to the Delta Protekt KL 100 process.
  • Stainless steel hand and load chain.
  • 5 models available with WLL from 500kg up to 4000kg.
  • Geared trolley.
  • Comes with 3 metres lifting height as standard, may be added to at extra cost per metre. 

Corrosion Resistant Chain Block Considerations

The version of this chain block which has the highest load capacity, topping out at four tonnes, is not the most heavy duty model on the market. But for the specialised industries in which it is intended to be used, this will be an acceptable compromise. The fact that the Delta Protekt KL 100 process has been applied means it will reduce the likelihood of rust taking hold. The upshot is that the entire unit is more resilient, reliable and cost-effective over the expanse of its usable life. 

The addition of a geared trolley really helps to make this Yale model stand out. So if anti-corrosion capabilities and convenience are what you need from hoisting equipment, it should serve you well. 

Choosing the Right Chain Block

With many different chain block models on offer, you might not know whether this particular Yale model is up to the task. Looking at the safe working load that a hoist can handle is the best starting point. If corrosion resistance is a must-have, then this Yalelift ITG adaptation is a good choice. Its integrated trolley is a time-saving, cost-effective inclusion. We also sell chain blocks from Kito, Raptor, Tiger and the other leading brands of today. For safe lifting, there is no better place to look. 

Find out About Yale Chain Blocks & Get Quotes

Lifting Gear Direct is here to handle any queries you might have about the Yalelift ITG corrosion resistant chain block with integral trolley. The best way to get in contact with us is either via the email form on our site, or with a quick call to 01384 76961. We can give additional information about products, as well as quotes for the inspection services we offer.

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