Delta deh electric hoist with trolley

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Delta DEH Electric Hoist with Trolley

Delta DEH Electric Hoist with Trolley

delta hoist quick deliveryThe Delta DEH electric hoist with trolley combination enables the movement of the hoist and load across the beam of a lifting gantry, jib crane or other steel beam. There are 2 options to choose from, manual push travel trolleys or electric powered trolleys all with lifting capacities ranging from 250kg up to 2000kg. Stock is kept in our warehouse for super fast UK delivery. SUPPLIED AS 6MTR HOL AS STANDARD + Radio control options

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Why Choose the Delta DEH Electric Hoist with Trolley Combo

When you need to use an electric hoist on a lifting gantry, jib crane or other type of crane then more often than not you will want the hoist and load to be able to travel across the length of the crane's beam. This option requires the need for some type of trolley to traverse the beam whilst also creating an anchor point for the hoist.

It is worth noting that a hook suspension hoist like the standard Delta DEH hoist can be anchored to a beam via the hook as long as you have a suitable beam clamp or trolley in place; this set up is better when the hoist needs to be removed from the crane, perhaps for use elsewhere.

The Delta DEH hoist and trolley combination is ideal when the hoist will remain on the same crane/gantry for longer periods or permanently. Also due to the fact that the trolley is connected directly to the hoist it will be more stable with no movement like you may get with a standard hook suspension. Buying this combination together will usually be a cheaper option than buying separate items.

Both types of trolleys can fit beams widths from 74mm up to 300mm and will suit most 'I' and 'H' beam profiles.

Delta DEH Electric Hoist with Push Travel Trolley

Dimensions and specifications for the main hoist remain the same as the standard DEH model but without the hook suspension. The push travel trolley is bolted onto the hoist for a strong connection.

Both hoist and trolley are fitted to the beam together in one go, although you could potentially remove the trolley from the hoist at ground level so that the trolley can be fitted first to the beam with the hoist being bolted to the trolley afterwards. This may need a few extra pairs of hands and will be more time consuming.

Once securely attached the load chain, hook or load is utilised to manually pull and/push the trolley, hoist and load across the beam to where required. See more on the Delta hoist  Video.

Delta DEH Electric Hoist with Power Travel Trolley

This is the best combination for easy traversing across the beam, it takes no physical effort, is quicker and more precise than the manual trolley combo, all thanks to the dual speeds.

Traversing speeds are 20 metres per minute at the fastest speed or 6.7 metres per minute at the slower speed. It is recommended to always start and finish your movements at the slower speed for safety and more precise placement of the load.

The electric power travel trolley is designed with low headroom in mind. The wheels incorporate ball bearings which are permanently lubricated to ensure constantly smooth beam travel. There are also safety bars for impact protection and the trolley has been equipped with tilting protection for optimum safety whilst static or travelling. Radio remote controls can be added as an optional extra, call us to find out more.

delta hoist trolleys

To find out more technical data and dimensions please click on the specifications tab above. Or download the data sheet.

Delta Hoists from Lifting Gear Direct

Besides the above mentioned DEH hoist and trolley combinations and the standard hook suspension DEH electric hoist, which are usually in stock for delivery in a day or two, Lifting Gear Direct can also supply The Delta DTS which is also an electric chain hoist with the same trolley options, however it is not quite as compact and heavier. Having said that its key benefit is the higher lifting capacities of up to 5 tonne are available to order.

Delta DEH Electric Hoist with Trolley Summary

Here are the DEH hoist and trolley key points.

  • Comes with integrated trolley

  • WLL up to 2000kg / 2 tonne

  • Will fit beam widths from 74mm to 300mm.

  • Push travel or electric trolley options

  • Dual speed hoist & trolley.

  • Quick beam traversing speeds for electric trolley– 6.7m/min on slow & 20m/min on high.

  • Low headroom.

  • Anti-tilt protection,

  • Impact protection from safety bars

  • 3 Phase Supply 

Full technical details can be found on the specifications tab. If you have any questions please ask via email or phone.

DEY Push Trolley Dimensions for DEH Hoist
Model Capacity Min. Radius Wheel Diameter Net Weight A B C
DEY250 250kg 2.5m 68mm 7kg 424 75 270
DEY500 500kg 2.5m 68mm 7kg 424 75 270
DEY1000 1000kg 2.5m 68mm 7kg 424 75 270
DEY2000 2000kg 2.5m 75mm 12kg 424 75 270
DED Power Travel Trolley for DEH hoist
Model Capacity Min. Radius Wheel Diameter Net Weight A B C D
DED250 250kg 2.5m 68mm 33kg 336mm 131mm 97mm 320mm
DED500 500kg 2.5m 68mm 33kg 336mm 131mm 97mm 320mm
DED1000 1000kg 2.5m 68mm 33kg 336mm 131mm 97mm 340mm
DED2000 2000kg 2.5m 75mm 40kg 338mm 132mm 113mm 340mm
delta trolley dimensions Main hoist dimensions can be found here

Push Travel Trolley Specifications
Code Capacity Beam Width Net Weight Min. Height
DEY250 250kg 74 – 300 29kg 438mm
DEY500 500kg 74 – 300 40kg 480mm
DEY1000 1000kg 74 – 300 63kg 578mm
DEY2000 2000kg 74 – 300 70kg 670mm
Electric Power Trolley Specifications
Code Capacity Traversing Speed Power Output Beam Width Net Weight Min. Height
DED250 250kg 20 / 6.7 m/min 0.2 / 0.07kW 74 – 300 55kg 438mm
DED500 500kg 20 / 6.7 m/min 0.2 / 0.07kW 74 – 300 66kg 480mm
DED1000 1000kg 20 / 6.7 m/min 0.2 / 0.07kW 74 – 300 89kg 578mm
DED2000 2000kg 20 / 6.7 m/min 0.4 / 0.13kW 74 – 300 98kg 670mm

The main hoist specifications can be found on the main hoist page here

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