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Liftket Electric Hoists

Buy Liftket Electric Chain Hoists From a Top UK Supplier

Made to the highest quality, highly reliable, and a range of configuration options a Liftket electric hoist could be just what you need. Lifting Gear Direct are a top UK supplier of Liftket electric hoist options including the flagship Star Liftket electric chain hoist. This hoist is manufactured in Germany in modules to enable a choice of configuration arrangements that can also be easily converted to a different configuration at a later date if required. There are many more electric hoists to choose from in our extensive range from all the leading manufacturers.  

Star Liftket Electric Hoist


Key Features of the Star Complete Liftket Electric Hoist Liftket uses first cl..

Liftket Star VFD Electric Hoist


About the Star VFD Electric HoistThere are a number of safe working load model..

Power Liftket & B13 Electric Hoists


About the Power Liftket & B13 Electric Hoists Thanks to the modular suspe..

Liftket Star Low & Ultra Low Headroom Electric Hoists


About the Star Liftket Low Headroom Electric HoistThe low headroom version is ..

Star Liftket Special Configuration Electric Hoists


Star Liftket Foodline Electric Hoist Based on the Star Liftket electric hoist ..

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Liftket Electric Hoist Model Options

This German manufacturer produces reliable lifting solutions for real world work. The Star Liftket is one of its flagship models and is built to cope with a high duty rate of repeated cycles.

Because the Liftket Star complete electric hoist is modular there are many options for configuring the hoist to suit a wide variety of lifting applications.

Common options include low headroom (for maximum height of lift), foodline (for the food industry), powerlift (high capacities), the VFD- a variable speed electronically controlled version and a range of special configurations including double hoists, double load chains and radio controlled remote units. There is also a version designed for use on stages and within the entertainment industry, this is called the Stageket electric hoist.liftket electric hoist on an LGD Jib crane

Durability is a given for lifting gear from this brand, but the Star complete model has the added advantage of being designed with modular components. This means that when one part needs to be maintained, repaired, or replaced, it can be removed without disrupting any other component. From the oil-filled gearbox to the easy to use control module, this clever configuration makes life easier for owners.

Liftket has carried out extensive testing on each of its hoist models to make sure that they meet and exceed industry standards for safety and reliability. It gives operators confidence that lifting and lowering will be carried out seamlessly every time they use the controls.

Other Electric Hoist Options

Be sure to check back with Lifting Gear Direct regularly, as we plan to add more electric hoist models from this manufacturer to our line-up. You can also find lifting equipment from other manufacturers, including YaleDemag, and Donati on our site. If you need a hoist that can cope with higher capacity work than the 6300kg limit of the Star range, many of these competing companies have products that will fit the bill. We can supply many types of hoisting equipment including manual chain hoistsair hoistslever hoists, and more.

Ask Us About Liftket Electric Chain Hoist Models

Do you want to learn more about the Liftket range? All you need to do is contact us online and we will get back to you with whatever details you need to help you make a purchase. If you would rather call us and speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team, the number to dial is 01384 76961.

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