Star liftket special configuration electric hoists

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Star Liftket Special Configuration Electric Hoists

Star Liftket Special Configuration Electric Hoists

In this collection of Star Liftket special configuration electric hoists you will find lifting hoist systems for use in special executions. Models include the foodline hoist, a double load chain hoist, a twin hoist set up with connecting shaft and radio remote controller options, find out more below.

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Star Liftket Foodline Electric Hoist

Liftket foodline electric hoist

Based on the Star Liftket electric hoist but with customized changes. The electric hoist has been set up for use within the food industry where handling heavy supplies, moving raw materials, packing and food production accounts for many injuries each year. There is a corrosion proof load chain in stainless steel (AISI 316) which has a safety factor of 6:1. The gearbox uses oil which has been certified for use in the food sector (NSF-H1).

The Star Liftket foodline hoist is available in lifting capacities ranging from 125kg to 2000kg and lifting heights up to 10 metres. 3 metres height of lift comes as standard. The control pendant incorporates a plug and emergency stop function and a 1.5 metre cable.

The low voltage control (24 VAC) hoist has upper and lower limit switches and a motor with thermal protection.

As with all liftket electric hoists there are a few optional extras including various suspensions and trolleys, a choice of chain containers, stainless load hooks and food industry approved oil.

Double load Hook Lifting Systems

Liftket has seen the need for powered lifting hoists for longer loads and has subsequently configured their Star hoist into two systems. Each has twin load hooks which can be set at some distance apart to facilitate the the easier lifting of long loads with greater stability. These are great for handling paper rolls in a paper mill for example, though will be beneficial for many types of longer loads.

liftket twin load hook electric hoistStar Liftket Double Load Chain Electric Hoist System

This special configuration of the Liftket Star electric hoist incorporates two load chains to facilitate the easier lifting of longer loads. As you can see from the image there is just one electric hoist operating the two load chains with perfect synchronicity. There are two trolleys used in this set up , each one directly above each load hook. The distance between the two load hooks can be anything from 650mm up to the maximum 3000mm. The safe working load for this single hoist, double load chain electric hoist is 2 x 250kg, which is a maximum of 250kg permitted on each hook.

Liftket Star Twin Hoist with Connecting Shaft Configurationliftket twin hoist & load hook system

This configuration also has 2 load hooks, however they are powered by two electric chain hoists on their own trolleys. The two hoists and trolleys (1 push & 1 powered) are connected by a special shaft to enable then to operate seamlessly together.

The safe working load lifting capacity for this set up is 2 x 1000kg, that's 1000kg per load hook.

Radio Remote Controls

The majority of our electric hoists including all Liftket electric hoists can be fitted with a radio remote control system to enhance easy operation. Lifting Gear Direct can offer a range of radio remote control units to suit your requirements.

If you require any help regarding these hoisting systems or remote controllers then please give our friendly team a call on 01384 76961. Check out the other Liftket electric hoists that are available on our website including the Star, VFD electronically controlled hoist and the B13 & powerpack hoists.

Star Liftket Foodline Data
SWL ISO TYPE STAR Model Chain Size Lifting Speed

mm m/min
250 M5 250/1-8/2 031/53 5.2x15 8/2
500 M6 500/1-8/2 031/51 5.2x15 8/2
500 M5 500/1-8/2 071/54 7.2x21 8/2
1000 M5 1000/1-6/1.5 071/55 7.2x21 6/1.5
1250 M5 1250/1-8/2 091/55 9x27 8/2
2000 M5 2000/1-10/2.5 111/52 11.3x31 10/2.5
Double Chain Models Technical Details
Load Capacity 1 hoist system 2 x 250kg
Load Capacity 2 hoist system with connecting shaft 2 x 1000kg
Lifting Speed max. 10m/min (single or double speed)
Chain DAT EN818-7
Limit Switches Lifting & Lowering
Power Supply According to customer requirements
Type of Control Low Voltage
Overload Protection Overload Clutch
Hook Distance 650-3000mm