Star liftket electric hoist

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Star Liftket Electric Hoist

Star Liftket Electric Hoist

Made in Germany the Star electric hoist by Liftket is a complete modular hoist, designed to be easily and configurable to suit specific lifting tasks.  It is available in capacities from 125kg up to 6300kg and has a choice of 3 phase and single phase options.  

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Key Features of the Star Complete Liftket Electric Hoist

Liftket uses first class technologies and high class materials for the manufacture of hoist components to ensure top quality. The test labs confirmed that the lifetime of parts exceeded the current FEM requirements so you can be assured of a high quality electric hoist from Liftket.

Boasting a high duty rating even in harsh conditions the Liftket Star electric hoist can even work well in in temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees Celsius. This is largely due to the fan cooled motor and the special cooling fins. Safe heat exchange occurs from the clutch brake and keeps the heat away from the motor to keep the ambient temperature. 

 The patented sliding clutch system is another perk and provides optimum safety due to its location. The clutch is located in between the brake system and the motor. The innovative location enables a positive connection between the brake and the load so no load drop will occur if the clutch fails. This failsafe is particularly important when the hoist is combined with a moving trolley system in a busy workplace where risks need to be minimised..

Another safety feature is the lift limiter. The limiting device will prevent the end of the chain from running completely through the hoist and acts an emergency stop. All low voltage control hoists can be fitted with top and bottom limiters.

In certain conditions using an electric hoist the standard way is not ideal and so the Liftket Star can be delivered as an inverted hoist. When inverted the hoist body moves up and down during operation. This is popular in the entertainment industry.

Liftket Star Speedline Electric Hoists

As part of the Star Liftket electric hoist range, we can now offer the star speedline collection. The speedline is a range of basic Star hoists which are almost ready to go and can be dispatched within 15 days.

They are 24v AC low voltage control, have per and lower limit switches with a quick to change connection and a choice of hook or eye suspension; push or electric trolley. See the specification table for more details.

Star Liftket Electric Hoist Maintenance & Repair Benefits

The design of this hoist is modular which means that maintenance, repairs and inspections are fairly straight forward. Spare parts can also be easily changed out, because the motor, the gear box, brake and control system are all separate modules. 

The brake is pre-adjusted and so there is no need for intervention. The gearbox is oil filled and sealed to protect it , again needing no maintenance. The controls are also easily interchangeable thanks to the contactor controls, meaning no electronics. They are efficient yet easy to repair if necessary. Clutch adjustment may be required on occasion, this is done by using a test load.

The Star Liftket electric hoist can be easily converted from a single fall hoist to a double fall configuration, and vice versa. A few minutes are all it takes.  

This keeps downtime to a minimum and makes the range more versatile, allowing each hoist to fill several roles in a hectic working environment. 

Lifting Hoist Capacities & Trolley Compatibility 

The Star Liftket hoist comes in a good range of incremental lifting capacities, starting at 125kg and going up to 3200kg on a single fall of chain or 250kg up to 6300kg on a double fall of chain.

3 phase operation available  from 125kg – 6300kg and single phase from 125kg up to 2000kg.

Together with a hook or eye suspension point we can also supply the corresponding trolley system for your chosen hoist, with electric or push travel versions available. 

This makes lifting hoist models from Liftket a good choice for high duty cycles and moving large loads over longer distances. A trolley is a fast and efficient way to complete lifting duties of all kinds, so check out our range of products in this category for an overview of what we have to offer. 

Protective cover

When using this electric hoist outdoors a protective cover must be used. Liftket have a protective cover specifically for the Star hoist. It completely covers the hoist and chain container protecting them from the rain, wind and sun etc. The cover is made from high quality heavy duty materials and is fastened on with tough velcro to make fitting and removal quick and easy. There is also an elastic band at the bottom of the cover to ensure a perfect fit.

There are 2 sizes of protective covers available; small for the Star 030 and B1 models as well as the Stageket 030; The medium size fits the Star 050/070, the Stageket 070 and the Liftket B4.

Directions and Prohibitions of use.

As with all electric chain hoists there many guidelines for using them safely. Here are some key guidelines for using the Liftket Star hoist but you should always read the full guidelines from the manufacturer.

Directions for use;

  • Only move the load if it is securely slung and no person is standing near enough to be at risk.
  • The load must be vertical to the hoist.
  • Only use within the temperature range of -20 to +40 degrees C.
  • Do not turn the chain over the edges.
  • Only use either the hook block, hook tackle or load to move when using a push travel trolley.
  • On a double fall hook model, do not lower if the chain is slack.
  • The chain on inverted hoists must be tight at all times.
  • When lifting a load from the ground, always use the lowest speed to ensure load is secure.
  • The safe working load of the trolley must match or exceed the SWL of the hoist.
  • A second chain fall must only be attached with the special fork from the manufacturer.
  • Repairs and maintenance must be done when there is no load attached and the power is off.
  • Always check for potential issues prior to each use and have thorough inspections carried out at regular intervals to comply with LOLER regulations.

Prohibitions for use;

  • Inching mode is prohibited. Do not permanently run against the buffers of the high & low hook positions.
  • Do not use to lift or transport people.
  • Don't lift heavier loads than the stated SWL.
  • Do not use the lifting chain to sling the load.
  • Do not use the pendant cable to pull the load.
  • Not to be used for the lifting of submerged loads.
  • Do not use a lifting chain longer than the chain containers capacity.
  • Don't operate with a twisted or wrongly mounted chain.

Remember these are just a few basic guidelines, you must constantly refer to the manufacturers manual to ensure the hoist is used correctly at all times.

Other Liftket Electric Hoists

Within the collection of electric hoists from Liftket there are models suitable for a variety of lifting applications. There is the foodline, stageket, low headroom, powerlift, electronically controlled (VFD) and some other special configurations, so be sure to check them out.

Contact Us for Electric Hoist Info & Inspection Quotes 

Lifting Gear Direct have a vast range of electric hoists to choose from, which can be quite daunting. If you would like to speak to a professional about your requirements, then get in touch. We will be only too happy to point you in the right direction to ensure you get the best hoist for your operation at the best price. 

You can call 01384 76961 or send us an email to get up to date information and quotes for our lifting hoist inspection services.

Star Liftket Hoist Dimensions

star liftket hoist dimensions star liftket dimensions

Trolley Dimensions

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star liftket 3 phase specs

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Liftket Trolley Specifications

star liftket trolley specs