He 300mf builders hoist

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HE 300MF Builders Hoist

HE 300MF Builders Hoist

Part of the comprehensive line up of TEA L Europea gantry hoists, the HE 300MF builders hoist is the most compact model amongst its peers. This builders hoist still packs a punch thanks to its 300kg load capacity and 23 metres per minute average lifting speed.

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  As with all lifting gear products from this manufacturer, the build quality is excellent, and the reliability of the hoist should be second to none.

 HE 300MF Builders Hoist Key Features

The HE 300builders gantry hoist comes complete with pendant control and gantry ballast boxes can be supplied as an extra. Here are the main features of this model, which mark it out as a lightweight yet well-equipped gantry hoist: 

Benefits of the HE 300MF Builders Gantry Hoist

This hoist fits in with some of its siblings in the L’Europea range by using a single phase motor. Some higher capacity models, like the HE 500 TF and HE 800 TF, come with tri-phase motors that are more powerful and performance-oriented. However, for smaller lifting tasks this 300kg hoist will get the job done quickly and efficiently enough to be suitable. 

Add in accessories to expand the capabilities of this hoist further is sensible. We stock various useful lifting gantry add-ons, including the aforementioned ballast boxes which will help with safety concerns, entire gantry frames to accommodate the HE 300 MF and plenty of other high quality components. 

Different Gantry Hoist Considerations

A gantry hoist like the HE 300 MF can be an effective tool in various construction environments, but it is not the only example of lifting equipment that you might pick to boost productivity and lower risks to workers on-site. 

For example, our scaffold hoists are a flexible option for sites where scaffolding is in use. You can also find lifting equipment for other commercial deployments, such as chain blocks that are at home in workshops and wire rope hoists that deliver power and strength in plentiful supply. 

Contact LGD for Builders Gantry Hoist Help & Quotes

Lifting Gear Direct is your one stop shop for gantry hoist products and other lifting equipment of every shape and size, so it makes sense that we would also be in the perfect position to answer questions about the kit we sell. If you need more information or a quote, use our site to contact us or call us on 01384 76961  for fast, friendly advice.

Model HE 300 MF
Motor type  Single phase
Voltage  110v/220v
Frequency  50Hz
Max. lifting capacity  300kg
Engine power 1100W
Average lifting speed 23 m/Min
working length  25m
Max. working length 40m
Steel cable diameter  6mm
Cable breaking point under load  23.26kN
Hoist weight 48kg
Dimensions ( 860 x 320 x 530)