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Hoist Buckets

Hoist Buckets

These hoist buckets are designed for use with scaffold hoists and gantry hoists for lifting materials like mortar; it is possible however to utilize these buckets with pretty much any type of electric hoist.

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Hoist Bucket

This particular hoist bucket comes in two different sizes to suit a variety of material handling solutions. Both the 45 litre and the 80 litre capacity bucket have a central suspension point to ensure the bucket remains stable throughout the lifting process.

One benefit to these buckets is that they can be tipped to enable easy emptying. The bucket pivots on the handle, therefore it can be tipped whilst still attached to the hoisting system. The bucket possesses a safety catch which locks the bucket into its upright position, this will alleviate the possibility of it tipping and emptying its contents whilst in transit.

Hoist Bucket Dimensions

The 80 litre bucket weighs in at 17 kg with a SWL of 176kg, and its measurements are; 600w x 500d x 370h (without handle).

The 150 litre bucket weighs in at 24kg with a 330kg SWL, and its measurements are; 680w x 600d x 420h (without handle).

Other Hoist Accessories

Lifting Gear Direct can provide a wide range of scaffold hoist accessories such as round bucket holders, brick baskets and wheelbarrows; as well as loose lifting tackle such as slings and shackles. In fact we can supply any type of lifting equipment to enable you to buy all you need for your lifting task from one place.

Contacting Lifting Gear Direct

To speak to us directly you can call 01384 76961, otherwise you can send us a message through the rapid enquiry form which is available on each page of our website.

Product code Capacity SWL / WLL Height (Without Handle) Width Depth Weight
2800000 80 Litre 176 Kgs 370 mm 600 mm 500 mm 17 Kgs
2150000 150 litre 330 kgs 420 mm 680 mm 600 mm 24 Kgs

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