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Jdn profi 3ti 20ti air hoists

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JDN PROFI 3TI - 20TI Air Hoists

JDN PROFI 3TI - 20TI Air Hoists

We have a great selection of models in the JDN PROFI 3TI - 20TI Air Hoist range here at Lifting Gear Direct.
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About the JDN PROFI 3TI - 20TI Air Hoist

SWL's from 3t up to 20 tonne are offered by this mid range from the JDN Profi air hoist series.

Many options are available including extra sensitive controls, as well as rope; multi function; single speed and even radio controls. There are 3 trolley options of manual, reeled and motor should you need one, as well as special finishes for off shore applications.

This mid range of air hoists has really good lifting and lowering speeds even when fully loaded, the 3 tonne model for example lifts loaded at 8.2 m/min at 4 bar pressure or better still 16.4m/min at 6 bar. You can find all the model differences in the specifications table.

Three metres height of lift comes as standard, more options may be available on request. So together with its low headroom design, lifting heights are great with the Profi series.

Key Features;JDN Profi air hoist 3-20TI features

  • Oil free operation
  • sound absorption, quiet in operation
  • low maintenance
  • variable speeds and sensitive controls for precision lifts
  • 100% duty rating, unlimited duty cycles
  • overload protection
  • fail-safe starting
  • high and efficient performance.
  • Patented motor brake

Other Lifting Gear you may Need

As with most types of lifting hoists there is often additional equipment required to complete your lift. This may be a lifting sling; we can supply custom chain slings and webbing slings to order. Lifting shackles are also commonly used to facilitate connections; we supply d shackles and bow shackles to suit your needs. We have a variety of lifting clamps and magnets should you need those. Additionally we manufacture Jib cranes and lifting gantry systems, custom made to your requirements.

So when you have decided what you need just give us a call on 01384 76961.

JDN PROFI 3TI - 20TI Air Hoists dimensions

    3 TI / 2 3 TI 6 TI 10 TI 16 TI 20 TI
A smallest headroom1 mm 544 593 674 813 898 1030
B mm 356 373 454 548 598 670
C mm 200 233 308 382
D mm 412 483 575 692
E1 mm 28 40 44 53 70
E2 mm 28 30 40 44 53 70
F up to hook center mm 140 187 154 197 199 180
G biggest width mm 215 233 306 308 315
Type 3 TI / 23 TI6 TI10 TI16 TI20 TI
Air pressurebar04-Jun4646464646
Carrying capacityt3,26,3101620
Number of chain strands 21234
Engine outputkW1,3-21,83,51,83,51,83,51,83,51,83,5
Lifting speed at full loadm/min02-Mar2,551,22,50,81,60,510,40,7
Lifting speed without loadm/min4,2-56103523,21,321,01,4
Lowering speed at full loadm/min5,5-67,510,83,65,42,53,41,62,11,21,6
Air consumption at full load - liftingm³/min1,5-2,62424242424
Air consumption at full load - loweringm³/min2,2-3,63,55,53,55,53,55,53,55,53,55,5
Air connection G ¾
Hose dimension (Ø inside)mm19
Weight at standard, rope controlkg6686110156240285
Chain dimensionmm9 x 2713 x 3616 x 45
Weight of 1 m chainkg1,83,85,8
Standard liftm3
Lenght of control at standard liftm2
Sound level at full load - lifting1dB(A)73-777478747874787478
Sound level at full load - lowering1dB(A)78-807980798079807980