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Tiger spark resistant lever hoists

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Tiger Spark Resistant Lever Hoists

Tiger Spark Resistant Lever Hoists

This ratchet lever hoist by trusted brand Tiger is based on the SS11 subsea lever hoist and the PROLH but with added components to make is suitable for use in potentially explosive environments.
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About the Tiger Spark Resistant Lever Hoist

Manufactured in accordance to the ATEX directive this ratchet lever hoist can be used in zone 1 & 2 gas hazards and zone 21 & 22 dust hazardous environments; the ATEX marking will show Ex II 2 GD c T4 IIIC T135◦C. A category II – high safety certification, this code can be broken down and explained as follows;

The first part indicates the code, the second part explains this code and the last part tells you what level this hoist has.

·         Ex II - The equipment group = surface industries

·         2 - The category = High Safety

·         GD – The explosive atmosphere = Gas & Dust

·         C – The protection type = design safety

·         IIC – The gas explosion group = protected for group IIC including groups IIA & IIB

·         T4 - The gas temperature class = Maximum external surface temperature of 135◦C

·         IIIC – The groups of dust = protected for group IIIC including IIIA & IIIB

·         T135◦C – Dust Temperature class = maximum external surface temperature of 135◦C

It is the responsibility of the user to determine the correct classification required.

tiger atex lever hoist rating

The spark resistant lever hoist incorporates specially coated units, corrosion protected load chain, specific marine friction discs; stainless steel fixings; there is also brake chamber protection from external contamination.

A key feature of these ratchet lever hoists are the copper plated components including both the top suspension hook and the lower load hook. The load chain guide, grip rings and hand wheels are also copper plated. The main reason that copper plating is used is because copper will not produce a spark like other metals like steel will.

Available Lifting Equipment

The Tiger spark proof ratchet lever hoist is available in lifting capacities up to 20 tonne, If you need other lifting capacities then check out our full range of ratchet lever hoists where you should find what you need.

We have a vast range of other types of hoisting equipment including spark resistant models and ATEX models.

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