Tt200 hobby hoist

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TT200 Hobby Hoist

TT200 Hobby Hoist

Ideal in the garage or workspace of the hobbyist the Tiratutto TT200 scaffold hoist can handle loads which weigh up to 400 kg which is a good weight for a hobby hoist.

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TT200 Hobby Hoist Features & Benefits

With a pretty powerful motor for the DIY’er at 750 watts this compact little hoist can lift at speeds of between 5 and 10 metres per minute and has a maximum working length of 18 metres (10m in standard configuration) This hoist is a little heavier than its smaller counterpart the TT125 hobby hoist, it weight around 16kg, so still manageable.

Designed to hang under a scaffold pole or similar these scaffold hoists can be used in a single of double fall configuration.


We have a good range of accessories for scaffold hoists which can work well with these little hoists. We can also supply you with lifting slings, shackles, clamps and virtually any other lifting equipment you may require.

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If you need to discuss any aspect of this scaffold hoist, don’t hesitate to call us on 01384 76961 or you can email us via the contact page. We also carry out lifting gear inspections, servicing and repairs to ensure your equipment remains within the recommended guidelines.

Power SupplySingle Phase
Motor Power750w
Maximum Capacity400kg
Working Length10m
Max. Working length18m
Lifting Speed5-10m/min
Rope Diameter4 mm
Hoist Weight16kg
Cable Break Point1600>kg