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TEA L'Europea Scaffold Hoists

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TEA L’Europea scaffold hoists and scaffold winch products can be purchased right here from the leading UK importer; whether you need a 110volt scaffold hoists or a scaffold winch like the HG200. The TEA HE 235 is one of our best sellers in the scaffolding hoist range. The L’Europea hoisting system manufactured by TEA international is a popular brand which is well tried and trusted throughout the construction sector. This range is just one of the scaffold hoist options we sell, with models from IMER also available.


TEA HE 235 Scaffold Hoist


Designed with care and built using excellent materials and components, the HE 23..


L'Europea HE 200 Scaffold Hoist


 The HE 200 model is complete with pendant control & Scaffolding Bracke..

HE 200 Veloce Scaffold Winch


HE 200 Veloce Scaffold Winch Features Just like the HE 150 Veloce this is a tri..

L'Europea HE 150 Veloce Scaffold Winch


 Thanks to its 33 metre per minute average lifting speed, it can outpace it..

HG 200 Builders Scaffold Hoist


HG 200 Scaffold Hoist Features & Benefits The HG 200 electric hoist sits on..

TT 125 Hobby Hoist


TT 125 Hobby Hoist Features  Known as a hobby hoist, in its standard singl..

TT200 Hobby Hoist


TT200 Hobby Hoist Features & Benefits With a pretty powerful motor for the ..

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Advantages of TEA L’Europea Scaffold Hoists

TEA L’Europea scaffold hoists are easy to fit to most scaffold poles using special clamping devices, the hoist simply fits onto the clamps, some models incorporate an upper tie rod for added stability.

L’Europea scaffold hoists come in a range of models with lifting capacities up to 200kg and are available from Lifting Gear Direct at very competitive prices; we can also supply a range of accessories to compliment your scaffold hoist, including buckets, bucket carriers and the ever popular wheelbarrow chains which enable you to lift the entire barrow, whether full or empty right up to where its contents are needed.

TEA HE 235 Scaffold Hoist

Our most popular model comes with a pendant control unit, a 200kg load limit and an extended reach A frame setup, the HE 235 is a versatile hoist that can help make lifting operations run more smoothly in a number of settings. The 35 metre cable that is supplied with it makes it better for working at greater heights, while the single phase motor is reliable and capable of being operated precisely.

HE 150 Veloce Scaffold Hoist

Speed is the name of the game with the HE 150 Veloce. The 1000 watt engine means that it can reel in loads at up to 33 metres per minute, with a 40 metre cable included as part of the assembly. It has a 150kg payload limit, which is a little lower than that of its counterparts. The extra work cycles that it can squeeze in to a given timeframe should make this a compromise worth taking.

HE 200 Scaffold Hoist

The basic HE 200 shares the same capabilities with its radio controlled sibling, but does not have this remote unit bundled in. In terms of value for money, it is one of the best TEA scaffold hoists around. Just remember to follow safety guidelines for scaffolding when using such equipment.

HG200 Scaffold Hoist 110v

The HG200 lifts up to 200 kg and comes in a convenient 110v version. This one works slightly differently as it is designed to sit on the ground and the rope passes up through a transmission frame. These hoists alleviate the need to carry heavy hoists to the top of a scaffold tower.

MP200 Builders Scaffold Winch

The MP200 builders hoist works in the same way as the HG200. It is also a 110v hoist which can lift up to 40 metres when the hoist is at ground lever but up to 80 metres if the hoist is positioned at a higher point.

Tiratutto Hobby Hoists

There are 2 Tiratutto hoists which are ideal for the DIY'er though could be used in a more industrial setting but they should not be used continuously. There is the TT125 which can lift up to 200kg and the TT200 which can handle 400kg.

Your Scaffold Hoist Questions Answered

Lifting Gear Direct is not just a great place to find high quality scaffold hoists and other hoisting equipment; we also provide advice to customers so that they can pinpoint the perfect product to buy. Email your question to us via the contact form or call 01384 76961 to talk to one of our friendly team and we can give you an expert answer immediately.

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