Yale vslll chain block

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Yale VSlll Chain Block

Yale VSlll Chain Block

Yale VSlll Chain block available with SWLs from 250kg up to 5 tonnes.

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  • £125.30

It forms part of a broader range of lifting equipment from Yale, which includes manual chain blocks, electric hoists and much more. Visit our Yale brand page to see the full selection we offer at Lifting Gear Direct. 

Yale VSIII Chain Block Features

  • This is classed as a medium duty manual chain hoist ideal for everyday lifting tasks. In spite of its compact design, it still manages to offer a number of modern features and a host of different lifting capacities across the full VSIII chain block range. 
  • The much-improved hand chain guide prevents tilting or jamming of the hand chain which in turn enables smooth chain movement. 
  • The side plates, gearbox & load chain sheave incorporate high quality bearings. These enable the drive pinion and load chain to run smoothly and efficiently. If you are looking for a chain block that will improve productivity and simplify the lifting tasks that you need to complete, then such features will be a big benefit. 
  • Easy operation due to the optimised hand forces set standards.  

Yale VSIII Manual Chain Block Resilience & Maintenance

Thee chain blocks incorporate Zinc plated brake parts, guide rollers and load chain in order to offer extra corrosion protection. The load chain is zinc plated as standard. If you are intending to use this Yale chain block in an environment where it might be particularly susceptible to corrosion, then the presence of zinc plating will definitely give you peace of mind. Of course, many of its rivals offer similar design features, so you can always check out chain blocks from brands like Kito, Tiger and Tractel if Yale’s models do not suit your needs. 

These manual chain blocks are simple to use and maintain. At Lifting Gear Direct we also offer equipment inspections to ensure that you are compliant with industry regulations. Because of the requirements involved in operating this type of equipment, it makes sense to choose a model like this which is more likely to survive and remain consistent year after year. 

Yale Chain Block Model Options

The VSIII chain block is available in 8 models with SWL from 250kg up to 5000kg. Various falls of chain are offered, with differences in specification usually due to the lifting capacity that a given unit is designed to provide. 

If you have even more specialised needs, then you might consider investing in one of Yale’s ATEX-rated manual chain block models. This includes a variant of the YaleLift 360 hoist, which is available either with or without an integrated trolley for added convenience and cost-effectiveness.  

Get Yale Chain Block Pricing & Guidance

The simplest way to find out about any of our products, including manual chain blocks from Yale, is to contact the Lifting Gear Direct team when you have a spare moment. To talk to someone on the phone, just call 01384 76961. To email us, visit the contact page on our site and fill in the rapid query form. We would love to hear from you!

Model VSIII 0.25/1 VSIII 0.5/1 VSIII 1/1 VSIII 1.5/1 VSIII 2/1 VSIII 2/2 VSIII 3/1 VSIII 3/2 VSIII 5/2
A min,mm 290 350 380 450 460 490 570 580 700
B,mm 12 21 28 33 36 36 45 45 47
C,mm 26 23 27 36 35 35 40 40 45
D,mm 11 16 20 22 29 29 29 29 40
E,mm 118 145 158 180 205 170 240 220 250
F,mm 113 140 155 175 180 155 210 175 190
G,mm 65 80 87 85 94 87 110 94 95
H,mm 48 60 68 90 86 68 100 81 95
K,mm  190 240 270 300 320 285 370 340 410

Yale VSlll Chain Block dimensions

ModelCapacity in kg/number of chain falls Chain dimensions d x p (mm)Lift per 1m hand chain overhaul (mm)Pull on hand chain at WLL daNWeight at standard lift (3m) KG 
VSIII 0.25/1250/14 x 1250203.9
VSIII 0.5/1500/15 x 1526219
VSIII 1/11000/16 x 18242411.5
VSIII 1.5/11500/18 x 24173017.5
VSIII 2/12000/18 x 24193219
VSIII 2/22000/26 x 18152917.3
VSIII 3/13000/110 x 30124031
VSIII 3/23000/28 x 24103727
VSIII 5/25000/2010 x 3084143