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Hydraulic ball coupler

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Hydraulic Ball Coupler

Hydraulic Ball Coupler

Buy your couplers from Lifting Gear Direct together with any other hydraulic fitting you require for your set up.

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About the ball coupler

Ball type couplers are often the preferred choice when it comes to hydraulics, this is because of the steel ball held inside which self seals as the coupler is removed from the device to prevent any fluid leakage.

We have two types of ball couplers currently available; both have a 3/8” PT, one is a hose coupler and the other is a cylinder coupler, see the specs for more info.

We can also supply the quick, one touch type couplers as well as hoses, gauges and manifolds from our hydraulic fittings collection to compliment your hydraulic lifting equipment.

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Model Application
TBC382M 3/8" PT. Ball type hose coupler
TBC382F 3/8" PT. Ball type cylinder coupler