Hydraulic rotating toe jack gthj

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Hydraulic Rotating Toe Jack – GTHJ

Hydraulic Rotating Toe Jack – GTHJ

There are 3 model choices in the hydraulic rotating toe jack GTHJ range with top lifting capacities of 25000kg. Can be used in any position due to the 360 degree rotation.

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About the GTHJ Hydraulic Rotating Toe Jack

Ideal for lifting heavy loads in compact areas without the need for power, the GTHJ toe jack uses hydraulics to create the forces required to lift objects. A key benefit of the GTHJ hydraulic toe jack is its ability to rotate completely and therefore can be used to jack in any position.

The 3 models have WLL of up to 5000kg, 10000kg and 25000kg, each has a different foot and head lifting range which you can find in the specification table above along with other technical data.

The pump lever is removable which is better for storage but also enables more accurate adjustment when positioning the toe jack.

These hydraulic rotating toe jacks must be used on firm ground such as reinforced concrete. They are pretty easy to use, just place the toe under the load, ensuring the load is right at the back of the toe plate (don't lift on the tip). When in position the handle can be screwed clockwise into the socket and then pumped up and down slowly to raise the load.

There is an unload handle or valve which is rotated anti-clockwise to release the pressure and lower the load, this should be done in small, slow increments. When it it in the fully unloaded position the head can be pressed to further reduce the height.

Overload protection is built into the device and comes fully marked with CE mark, height of lift, tracing code and manufacture year. Certification is also available.

Other Hydraulic Lifting Options

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Model Capacity Lifting Range of Foot Lifting Range of Head Max. Lever Force Weight
GTHJ5 5000kg 25 – 230mm 368 – 573mm 25kg 20kg
GTHJ10 10000kg 30 – 260mm 420 – 650mm 35kg 35kg
GTHJ25 25000kg 58 – 273mm 505 – 720mm 102kg 100kg