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Eye Nuts & Bow Nuts

Get your Eye Nuts And Bow Nuts from the loose tackle range at Lifting Gear Direct

We have a wide ranging line up of high quality eye nuts and bow nuts for you to buy from the lifting accessories eye bolt collection here at Lifting Gear Direct. Each eye nut and bow nut product brings something different to the table, so whether you are looking for a decorative anchor point or a dedicated lifting accessory, you are certain to encounter the right item on our website.

Bow Nuts - High Tensile - Whitworth


About the Bow nut high tensile - whitworth thread Although the Whitworth standa..

Bow Nuts High Tensile - Metric Thread Bow Nuts High Tensile - Metric Thread

Bow Nuts High Tensile - Metric Thread


 We can supply eye nuts and bow nuts of many different types, so if you rea..

Carbon Steel Eye Nuts - Metric Din582 Carbon Steel Eye Nuts - Metric Din582

Carbon Steel Eye Nuts - Metric Din582


 With capacities of between 70kg and 8600kg, these useful eye bolts can act..

High Tensile Eye Nuts - Metric High Tensile Eye Nuts - Metric

High Tensile Eye Nuts - Metric


 This material is made to withstand forces that would cause other anchor po..

High Tensile Eye Nuts Whitworth Thread


If you are tired of lifting accessories that deform or take damage too easily, t..

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Eye Nuts & Bow Nuts

 If you have a particular product in mind, click through to get all the technical data and information you need. To help narrow down your search, here is a quick overview of the eye nuts and bow nuts we can supply. 

Stainless Steel Eye Nut

Weather-resistant and eye-catching in equal measure, our stainless steel eye nuts come in both and untested forms, with both adopting a metric thread pattern for broad compatibility. 

Carbon Steel Eye Nut

These load-tested eye nuts can boast working load limits of as little as 70kg and as much as 8.6 tonnes, while also meeting DIN 582 standards. They are not as innately resistant to corrosion as stainless steel alternatives, but can be plated with zinc to improve their resilience. 

High Tensile Eye Nut

Like a number of our eye bolts and other related products, you can choose our super-strong high tensile steel eye nuts with either a metric

 or Whitworth thread. This gives you the flexibility to pick the product that matches your needs, while also having access to all the advantage of the extra tensile strength that these units are manufactured to deliver. 

High Tensile Bow Nut

Bow nuts are built for material handling scenarios in which the load will be applied vertically, rather than at an angle. They are also capable of forming part of a load restraint assembly, with these high tensile units offering similar benefits to their eye nut counterparts. Choose between either the BSW thread or the metric thread  bow nuts and always remember to check out the working load limits that are provided to ensure you make the right choice. 

Other Accessories to Consider

If you do not think that an eye nut or bow nut is the right option, then you may be more interested in the other products provided on our site. For angular load bearing, a collared eye bolt with an added link will make all the difference. You could even go all out with a swivel eye bolt, or add a lifting shackle or two to your order. We supply accessories like this to customers across many different industries, so you are sure to find what you need right here. 

Lifting Eye Assistance?

Our specialist sales team is just a phone call away. You can ring 01384 76961 to reach them in a jiffy and get the guidance you need when selecting between the many eye nuts, bow nuts and lifting equipment options we can supply. Sending us an email is quick and easy when you visit our contact page. Our quotes are always competitive and our staff are friendly and experienced in all lifting gear matters.

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