Long shank collared eye bolt whitworth thread

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Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt Whitworth Thread

Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt Whitworth Thread

Our long shank collared eye bolt range is also available with a BSW thread, spanning several size categories and load limits to give you an optimal degree of choice.

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 We also stock metric thread counterparts, as well as examples with a reevable egg link added at the manufacturing stage. Anchor points like this are important in a plethora of situations, allowing ropes and other lifting equipment to be attached, even at an angle. Find out more about this range right here. 

Load Limits & Dimensions of the Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt  Whitworth Thread

You can get a complete look at the specs of our Whitworth thread long shank collared eye bolts thanks to the table further down this page. In short, the smallest has a 250kg safe working load limit, while the most sizable can easily cope with 4.5 tonnes. The collared design makes angular load bearing straightforward, so you might find this type of eye bolt is useful whether for industrial, commercial or domestic use across a number of prospective projects

Lots of Choice for eye bolts

You will encounter a world of lifting accessories and loose tackle here at Lifting Gear Direct. We provide eye bolts, eyenuts and bownuts of many common kinds, putting you in the driving seat when it comes to seeking out the ideal product. If you need wire rope to go along with our anchor points, we can create bespoke assemblies that you will not find elsewhere. 

We also take safety seriously, which is why we always want to remind our customers about the importance of adhering to load limits and industry regulations on the use of lifting equipment. This is relevant even if you intend to handle the lightest loads with our smallest collared eye bolts, so always check carefully and ask us for assistance if you are unsure at any point. 

Linking up with us

The last thing we want to happen is for you to find our Whitworth thread long shank collared eye bolt page, only to get overloaded with info and overwhelmed by the options that are available. To clear things up and forge ahead with a better understanding of these products, please call our team on 01384 76961. You can also email questions to us direct, with quick replies assured.


long shank collared eye bolt whitworth thread
Safe Working Load Diameter Thread Diameter Base Diameter Eye Outside Diameter Eye Inside Thickness Collar Height Thread Length Weight Each
tonnes a inch b inch c inch e inch f inch g inch h inch kg
0.25 3/8 27/32 1.5/16 9/16 9/32 1.3/8 7 0.18
0.5 1/2 1.1/8 1.5/8 3/4 3/8 1.3/4 7 0.25
0.9 5/8 1.13/32 2 15/16 15/32 2.1/4 7 0.44
1.4 3/4 1.11/16 2.7/16 1.1/8 9/16 2.3/4 7 0.7
2 7/8 1.31/32 2.13/16 1.5/16 21/32 2.7/8 7 1.05
2.75 1 2.1/4 3.1/4 1.1/2 3/4 3.7/16 7 1.5
3.5 1.1/8 2.13/16 4.1/8 1.7/8 15/16 4.1/2 7 2.8
4.5 1.1/4 2.13/16 4.1/8 1.7/8 15/16 4.1/2 7 2.9