Rud vrbk load ring edge attachment

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RUD VRBK Load Ring (edge attachment)

RUD VRBK Load Ring (edge attachment)

The RUD VRBK Load Ring is available in SWL up to 10 tonne. Buy today from Lifting Gear Direct.
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  • Product Code: RUD VRBK Load Ring (edge attachment)
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About the RUD VRBK Load Ring

The RUD VRBK Load Ring is designed for welding onto corner/edge positions.

Welding should be carried out by an experienced coded welder and exactly according to the manufacturers instructions. There is a specific way in which these need to be welded. Always ensure the pivoting eye moves freely after installation.

Regular inspections must be observed, checking for cracked welds etc.

The use of these corner weld on swivel lifting points reduces the number of lifting points that are needed. This is because just 1 on the corner of an object facilitates loading from the top or the side.

There is a clamping spring incorporated into the design which holds all the individual parts together. This enables easy fitting. There is also no need for complex levelling as they remain connected together.

Other Weld-on lifting points

There are a number of alternative weld on lifting points available from Lifting Gear Direct, many of which are by RUD. They offer a range of models for different lifting needs. There are weld on swivel hooks, eyes and pivoting lifting points. We also supply the standard screw in swivel eye bolts should you prefer these instead. Non swivel eyebolts are also readily available from LGD as well as everything you need for any slinging task or lifting operation.

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Call the LGD team on 01384 76961 should you need extra information or just a bit of advice. Quotes and ordering can be done over the phone or often online. Email us through the contacts page or rapid enquiry form. We can supply one offs or multiples, anything goes here at Lifting Gear Direct.

Type WLL (t) A B C D E F T Weld Weight (KG)   
VRBK 4 4 32 16 30 48 138 30 67 HY 4 + 3 1.1
VRBK 6.7 6.7 37 20 35 60 176 34 86 HY 5 + 3 2.1
VRBK 10 10 50 22 48 65 208 46 100 HY 8 + 3 4.3
vrbk load chart