Camlok tru round stock grabs

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Camlok TRU Round Stock grabs

Camlok TRU Round Stock grabs

Buy the Camlok TRU Round Stock grabs at great prices from Lifting Gear Direct. Ideal for pipe handling/laying scenarios.
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About the Camlok TRU Round Stock Grabs

Camlok is known for its wide range of lifting equipment designed for handling awkward loads, including lifting clamps and plate clamps. The TRU round stock grabs are available in several capacities and suit round stock lifting operations.

Brief overview

The TRU round stock grabs enable easy lifting and transporting of pipes, tubes, rolls and other cylindrical materials with diameters up to 600mm. 

Easy to use. There are options of standard jaws or rubber lined jaws to minimise marking. 

Also available with an automatic opening/closing device. 

For the rubber lined jaws it is important to ensure the surfaces are clean, dry and free from oils & greases. 

Further spec breakdown

There are a total of six models in the Camlok TRU round stock grabs range, the most compact of which sports a working load limit of 100kg. Models above this in terms of size vary in capacity right up to 4 tonnes. 

The other thing to bear in mind when checking out the specifications of any lifting grab is the capacity of the jaws, which again will vary in the case of the TRU range. There are minimum and maximum diameter loads that each model can handle and the technical data provided in the table below should help you work out which is the right option for you. 

More models available

Our lifting grab line up is just one category amongst myriad other equipment options that are found right here on the Lifting Gear Direct site. 

From hoists and accessories to gantry systems and wire rope, we supply products from high quality brands and also make our own bespoke equipment for customers. 

Order lifting grabs from LGD

You can speak to our team about ordering the Camlok TRU or any other lifting equipment product by calling 01384 76961 or sending us an email. Even if you just need more information or advice, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Model TRU 100 TRU 500 TRU 1000 TRU 1500 TRU 3000 TRU 4000
A mm 270 503 509 720 740 1420
B min mm 292 417 437 520 582 930
B max mm 458 723 745 937 960 1815
C mm 97 150 178 204 220 318
D mm 43 56 82 84 125 205
E mm 8 15 15 20 20 30
F mm  17 17 30 25 30 35


Camlok TRU Round Stock grabs dimensions

Model WLL (KG) Jaw capacity (mm) Weight (KG) 
TRU 100 100 50-150 3.9
TRU 500 500 35-200 13.6
TRU 1000 1000 35-200 13.6
TRU 1500 1500 80-300 27
TRU 3000 3000 80-300 49
TRU 4000 4000 200-600 204